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CBD Oil for IBS Pain?

cbd oil for ibs

CBD Oil For IBS: A Natural Cure for IBS Pain? If you’re looking for natural cures for your IBS pain, CBD oil is very popular for good reasons. More and more people are trying CBD oil for IBS pain. Learn how CBD oil is an option for relieving IBS pain. Anyone with Irritable Bowel Syndrome knows […]

How to Use CBD Oil to Treat Complex PTSD


How to Use CBD Oil to Treat Complex PTSD How to Use CBD Oil to Treat Complex PTSD Here are some tips on understanding how CBD oil can be used to treat some complex PTSD symptoms. Keyword(s): CBD OIL FOR PTSD If you’re living with PTSD, you’re not the only one. Around 7.8 percent of […]

CBD Oil as Natural Fibromyalgia Pain Management

cbd for Fibromyalgia

CBD for Fibromyalgia: CBD Oil as Natural Pain Management If you keep up with the news, chances are you’ve heard about the recent CBD craze. People are reporting some pretty wild benefits, and some are even trying out CBD for Fibromyalgia pain. If you’re looking for alternative fibromyalgia pain management, CBD oil may be the […]


fda cbd oil

Did you hear? Last week the FDA issued warning letters to several online cannabidiol retailers that they will not tolerate medical claims stating that CBD has the ability to treat certain diseases or ailments. These claims include those made in customer testimonials, which the FDA requested were removed from each retailer’s website. In response to […]

Is CBD Oil Allowed on Planes? Here’s What You Need to Know About Traveling With It

cbd for flying

Traveling with CBD is a common cause for questions. Many CBD users have debilitating illnesses that do not allow for travel, sure. But many CBD users are frequently on the go. In fact, their stressful or active work life may be the reason they take CBD in the first place! CBD for flying is a […]

CBD vs THC… One-Two Punch in the Battle with Cancer

cbd vs thc

THC vs CBD: What does it matter? When it comes to misunderstood plants, cannabis tops the list. The simple green plant has been stigmatized for decades. Now, however, it is coming into the limelight as a substance that may have hidden powers humans have yet to fully unlock. When it comes to this plant, however, […]

CBD Capsules as a Post Workout Recovery Supplement?

cbd capsules

CBD CAPSULES You’ve likely heard a lot about CBD Capsules as it’s grown in popularity. This non-psychoactive form of Hemp Oil (which is to say that it has many of the same effects of cannabis on the user, but without the “high” typically associated with it when used as a drug) has been getting all […]