We as humans and dogs as animals have the same type of endocannabinoid system. This is a cannabinoids distribution system found in the body that is responsible for many bodily functions. It is a molecular system that is critical for keeping the body in Homeostasis. CBD (also called Cannabidiol) is a chemical compound that is part of the many cannabinoids that can alter the way an endocannabinoid system works.

Keeping this in mind, one can say that it is technically possible to give your own CBD to your pet. But it is always a good idea to provide a pet CBD oil. To find out why let’s discuss it:

The main reasons why it is best to give pet CBD oil to the pet:

The answer to the question being posed above is essentially a dosage. The difference in dosage is what can prescribe our or an animal’s optimal intake of the CBD oil. This almost all the time is based on the size of the bodyweight of the user, whether a dog or a human.

This is another way of saying that the dosage is always based on the difference in body weight, even of humans. So, the size of a dog is way different from an average human. Even different breeds have different sizes. In other words, a dog or any other pet for that matter is going to need a different dosage. This should answer the question posed by the subject matter related to this piece of content. That is how much CBD oil should I give my dog?

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CBD Oil for Pets
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The dogs are indeed our best of friends from the animal kingdom. The bond is so good that we also share the same animal lineage called mammals. Yes, this means that our dogs (even other dogs) and we are, essentially mammals. This is why it is possible to give CBD oil to our dogs. As mentioned before, our dogs and we have the same endocannabinoid system. Therefore, this makes it possible to use our CBD oils for dogs.

CBD found in oils that are for pets or use, inherently contains the same CBD. And can stimulate the endocannabinoid system by activating or blocking the CBD receptors of it. As our dogs and we use the same cannabinoids in our endocannabinoid systems, CBD, which is part of the numerous cannabinoids found in the body, can be used by both of us. This makes it easier to use our CBD oil as a pet CBD oil alternative for your pet. The CBD found in our oil is essentially the same as the one that can be found in pet CBD oil. While this way, one can be assured that our CBD can be used as a pet CBD for our dogs, we should inform you that the concentration of CBD and dosage is going to be different.

Things to remember when you are giving your dog your own CBD oil

Dosing of your CBD oil for your dog

CBD overdose is non-threatening to humans and many animals alike (including dogs). But this does not mean that high effects from CBD doses that are high, will not be felt. Especially by an animal like a dog. A higher dosage than what is usually prescribed can make an animal lethargic or very sleepy. This is because of the sedative effects of a high dosage of CBD, even though usually CBD is not sedative.

So, based on your dosage, which is probably going to be higher than the pet CBD is prescribed for, this is what happens to your dog when you give your own CBD oil. There should be a precise dosage, which shall be administered to your dog (or any pet for that matter) according to their body weight. While you do it, be sure to gauge your pet’s reaction. This is important because just like us, every dog will react differently to a CBD intake, at the very time they are taking it. One needs to know that the pet will not respond right away to it. While a pet CBD oil or dog CBD oil comes with the prescribed dosage, when it comes to giving your own CBD oil to them, you should calculate the correct dosage for them.

CBD Oil for Pets

What’s the right strength for your pet?

Based on the strength of dosage, one can give CBD to his or her pet dog in three different measures that prescribe to strength:

If the strength has to be low, then it should be 0.05mg x 0.5kg of the body weight. While the strength has to be medium, then it should be 0.125mg x 0.5kg of the body weight. If the strength has to be high, then it should be 0.25mg x 0.5kg of the body weight. These are what usually many of the pet CBD oil-based products have written on their labels.

To calculate the exact dosage of CBD that is preferred for your dog, divide the strength of CBD in a CBD oil bottle and then divide it with the total amounts of oil in it. For example, a bottle of 30ml may have the strength of 125mg; dividing them will tell us that there is 4.16mg/ml.

This brings us to how much CBD oil a dropper (used for dosage) has: which is 0.05ml. Now we will calculate how much strength of CBD oil a dropper has in it. After calculations, it turns out to be 0.2 mg for every drop that is given as part of a dosage. So, a dog that weighs around 30 kg weight essentially will need 15 drops of CBD oil by using the dropper. This way your CBD oil can act as an alternative pet CBD oil or dog CBD oil.

What is the best way to administer CBD to your dog?

While the best way is always written on the back of a pet CBD oil or a dog CBD oil, when it comes to administering CBD to them, this is not the case with human CBD oil. Fortunately, though, we can provide a way that can help you administer CBD to your dog in the best way possible.

The best possible way to administer CBD oil is to put it right under its tongues. This provides the fastest relief possible. This the quickest way because just like us, there are a lot of CBD receptors scattered around under the tongue of the dogs. The effects are almost instantaneous when CBD oil is put under the tongue. That’s because the receptors of CBD there, provide instant access to the endocannabinoid system.

While you can mix your CBD oil into their food, CBD’s effect through the digestive tract is not instantaneous. So pouring in food or giving it through CBD oil-infused treats is going to take longer than 30 minutes, for its effects to show. Thus, a much better way would be putting the alternative pet CBD oil or dog CBD oil under your dog’s tongue.


What can make this process a lot easier for the pet owner (and for the dog too)?

Like we mentioned before certain things like a dropper can make the task of administering CBD to you more comfortable. What you have to do is slightly press the knob on top of the dropper. With that, you will administer the number of drops as per the required dosage.

This way the task becomes way more manageable, and not just for you but for your dog too!

So, in any way CBD for humans and CBD for dogs any different?

While the CBD inside the pet CBD oil or a human CBD oil is not any different, the labeling and dosage requirements of both are radically different. These requirements are enacted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the USA.

Additionally, the smell and flavor of both types of oil are also very different from each other. The dog CBD oil contains a flavor of bacon, to attract the dogs to at least taste it. Moreover, cod liver oil is also added to make the CBD effects bigger for all types of dogs.

Final Words:

This is our last of the words for this content, and we hope you know how can your own CBD oil be used as a dog CBD oil. While your CBD oil can act as a CBD alternative to your dog’s CBD oil. Even so, it is still a good idea to use the original pet CBD oil for your pet. Dogs can be a man’s best friend, so it is only deserving that your CBD oil can be used as their alternative medicine.

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