Can You Add CBD to Drinks?

CBD has now entered the mainstream as more Americans reach for its perceived wellness benefits.

With products like gummies, soaps, shampoos, bath bombs, oils, and more, there are infinite ways to enjoy the wellness potential of this wonder product, but can you add CBD to drinks?

Daily routines vary from one person to another.

While yours may involve working out in the morning, someone else may prefer making breakfast, going for a walk, or catching up on the news.

However, drinks feature in all our routines.

People are constantly looking for ways to improve their routines as it directly affects their productivity and results.

While most trends turn out to be fads, the real answer to enhancing your routine is now available; in the form of your favorite drink and the now-famous cannabinoid, CBD.

As with any new trend, there’re a lot of questions about adding CBD to drinks. Does it work? Can I do it? Is it safe?

We will try to break them down in this article. Read on!

What are CBD Drinks?

As you may have noticed, CBD is everywhere and in everything.

There is a way for everyone who wishes to enjoy its benefits; it can be applied on the skin, taken as edibles, delivered sublingually, or even taken as a suppository.

CBD drinks are your usual beverages infused with Cannabidiol.

CBD can be infused in a wide range of beverages, including coffee, smoothies, tea, milk, soft drinks, and now people are even taking their chances with CBD-infused cocktails and beers.

Many CBD producers, restaurants, and eateries are already offering CBD-infused beverages, marketing them as a refreshing way to enjoy the benefits of consuming Cannabidiol.

However, some are just out to make a quick buck, and the prices are unquestionably high, leading most people to make the drinks themselves.

DIY CBD drinks are now getting popular because of the savings and the peace of mind brought by knowing precisely what is in your drink.

Also, most people are finding it easier to add a drink to their routine rather than a vial of CBD oil.

Can You Add CBD to Drinks?

Short answer, YES.

You can add Cannabidiol to your favorite drinks. All you need to have is the right type of CBD oil or tincture and ingredients used to make the drink.

How to Add CBD to Drinks?

Making CBD-infused drinks is not by any means rocket science; however, there are several essential considerations you have to make as they will affect the quality of your beverage and its effectiveness.

One such factor is the type of CBD you use.

Type of CBD

There are three primary types of CBD; full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolates. All have different compositions and therefore affect the body differently.

Full-spectrum CBD contains all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids present in the hemp plant, including 0.3% THC.

However, it’s considered to be the most effective type of CBD as the compounds present in the hemp plant work synergistically, providing more significant effects. This is known as “the entourage effect.”

Broad-spectrum CBD contains all the components present in the full-spectrum extract. The only difference is that it goes through an extra processing step where all the THC is stripped. This is the best option for people who would like to enjoy “the entourage effect” but also avoid THC at all costs.

CBD Isolate refers to the purest form of Cannabidiol, where all other compounds are stripped, leaving only CBD behind. CBD isolates may contain up to 99% CBD. This type is best for those who have to take very high doses.

Other Factors to Consider

Is it Soluble?

This is in relation to the base or carrier used for the tincture or CBD oil. To make a uniform drink, the oil should evenly mix with the beverage you are using.

Most CBD producers use oil carriers for their product, oil floats on water, so if your beverage is water-based, the oil will only be on the top.

However, there are water-soluble CBD tinctures available, some of which use an alcohol base.

CBD with an oil carrier can also be mixed with water-based beverages with the help of emulsifiers or by stirring until you achieve consistency.


How much CBD do you want in your drink?

Although it is fairly tolerated by the human body even in high doses, adding too much CBD in your drink would be wastage, and adding too little will not cause any effects.

CBD affects people differently, so there is no one-fits-all dosage.

The best way to use CBD is by starting small and increasing the dosage gradually until you find what works for you.

Adding CBD to Beverages

Cannabidiol can be added to a variety of drinks. Here are some of the popular drinks you can use CBD with;

CBD Oil Can Be added to Coffee

Coffee features prominently in most people’s daily routine. It’s a stimulant that most require to stay alert and maintain their productivity.

You can now add CBD to your favorite coffee blend and enjoy its wellness benefits as you focus on your responsibilities.

Sometimes the caffeine in coffee can be a little strong, causing jitters, restlessness, and in some cases, indigestion. CBD may help offset this negative side of coffee.

CBD Infused Tea

If you fancy a cup of tea after a long day, you can now add CBD and enjoy increased calm and relaxation.

Whether it’s green tea, black tea, herbal, or fermented kombucha, adding a few drops of CBD oil may go a long way in helping you recover.

CBD Oil and Smoothies

Smoothies are the ultimate drink when it comes to getting as much nutrition as possible in one go. They are full of vitamins, and depending on what you add, they can be the perfect meal.

CBD may help enhance their health and wellness benefits, all you need is to blend your main ingredients, when they are ready, add CBD oil and blend some more to distribute it evenly.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil


CBD Infused Cocktails

As earlier mentioned, CBD is everywhere. Who knew that one day CBD cocktails would be a thing? But now, you can enjoy it next time you are at a party or having dinner.

CBD is safe to mix with alcohol, interestingly, some say it significantly lowers blood alcohol levels. Meaning you can relax and enjoy your cocktails without worrying about getting too intoxicated.

For a perfect night, add a few drops of CBD, preferably one using an alcohol base and stir; if you can’t find one, CBD oil still works fine.

Take Away –  Can You Add CBD to Drinks?

Yes, you can add CBD to your favorite drinks, including coffee, tea, smoothies, and even cocktails. All you have to do is figure out the dosage that works for you, and the type of CBD you want to use and mix it with your favorite beverage.

If you prefer to buy a ready-made CBD-infused drink, ensure the brand is reputable, has independent lab test results, and you are comfortable with the dosage.

If you have any questions regarding how you can add our CBD products into drinks, talk to us today.  You can also check our online store here.

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