Is it safe to smoke CBD oil?

CBD has become a favorite among many who are looking for the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. With all the news uses being created, people are also looking for new ways to consume it with the main question being, can you smoke CBD oil. The best answer to this question can come from understanding the nature of CBD itself, how it is extracted, how it interacts with the body, and finally, how it is consumed.

What is CBD oil?

CBD is an extract obtained from the cannabis plant. The herb has been used for centuries for recreation as well as medicine. Its versatile usage comes from its numerous chemical components. These include over 80 cannabinoids. Other compounds found in cannabis include THC which is Tetrahydrocannabinol in full and is responsible for some of the psychoactive effects of marijuana. There are components in marijuana that lack the adverse or undesired effects the herb may have if consumed as it is. These components provide the therapeutic effects of cannabis that many people desire. One of these components is cannabidiol. The oil lacks the more dynamic effects of marijuana but instead has a subtle impact on the body, only providing relief that works seamlessly with the body’s natural system.
Extracting the cannabidiol from cannabis may be carried out through one of the following processes.

Liquid Solvent

Solvents work by dissolving the desired substance and excluding all other constituents of a mixture. When it comes to extracting CBD oil, using a solvent that mainly targets cannabidiol is a good idea. The most preferred solvent for extracting cannabidiol includes ethanol and alcohol. The method is comparatively cheaper than most advanced techniques and also less expensive. In spite of this fact, the technique is hazardous, as it involves the use of highly flammable solvents such as ethanol, which can quickly burst into flames if mishandles around naked flames.

The extraction process involves shredding the herb into tiny pieces to maximize the surface from which extraction will be done. The solvent is then added to the cut pieces and mixed for the dissolving of the oil to happen. The ready mixture is then filtered and the solvent allowed to dry leaving a concentrated oil residue.

The method, however, does come with some significant drawbacks. They include:

The solvent destroys the plant wax, which has numerous health benefits. Secondly, the solvent also dissolves the chlorophyll of the plant, hence staining the extract as well as giving it a bitter taste.

Using Olive oil

The use of olive oil is safe, easy to do, and is a favorite among many cannabidiol fans. The main requirements for extraction utilizing this method are olive oil and a heat source. The process is carried out by continuous heating of the herb, to activate the chemicals within it. The heated material is then mixed with olive oil and reheated. This second step extracts the oil. Once that is done, the mixture can be filtered out. Unlike the solvent process, however, this process does not require evaporation. As a drawback, the product is not very concentrated. The product form using this method goes quickly and may need proper storage in a cool, dry place with minimal lighting.

Using CO2

The use of carbon dioxide to extract CBD is the most common by commercial CBD producers. The method is efficient and clean. The process, however, requires precision when it comes to regulating temperatures and pressures. Extraction using this method utilizes a loop extractor. Which uses a system of three sections, each with its unique function. The first contains pressurized dry ice, and the second holds the hemp material while the last is the collection chamber. Running of pressurized CO2 through the hemp extracts the oil. The product is regarded to be of very high quality and lacks the shortcomings of most other methods.

So how does CBD oil work?


There has been significant progress in understanding the operation of CBD in the body and hence its effects. CBD works in conjunction with different brain receptors as well as chemicals. These receptors and chemical control various biological functions within the body, such as controlling emotions and pain receptions. The receptors work by continually sending signals to the brain through neurotransmitters.

An important thing to understand is that the body produces its cannabinoids, which form part of a more extensive system known as the endocannabinoid system. This system is in charge of most physiological processes within the body. These physiological processes include mood, appetite, and several cognitive functions. When cannabidiol is consumed, it works within this endocannabinoid system and therefore influences some of these physiological processes. In addition to working within the endocannabinoid system, CBD oil also takes part in the generation of new brain cells as well as controlling inflammations.

Several ways of consuming CBD

How CBD is consumed heavily depends on the reason for consumption. CBD consumed for medical reasons will often be through oral methods. These include sprays administered under the tongue and oil drops. The main reasoning behind this method is the thin layer of skin located under the tongue. The thin layer makes it possible for the oil to diffuse into the bloodstream and take effect readily. The absorption under the thin layer of skin is better suited for this purpose as compared to those along with the digestive system. This method also helps avoid CBD oil smoke which may be unpopular among some users.
The other method through which CBD may be consumed is by vaping or smoking it.

Smoking CBD oil

When it comes to smoking CBD, it should be noted that the oil may contain waxes that if inhaled can be harmful. The oil to be smoked should, therefore, be adequately extracted and lacking any wax from the plant.
There are various options available for users who would like to know how to smoke CBD oil. These options include; specially made pipes, the vape pen, water pipes, and finally, rolling papers. The most popular among those vaping CBD however, is the water pipe. First-time vapors could try the specially made 20 dollar starter kit which comes with almost everything one may require. All apart from the CBD oil. With the appropriate equipment and oil flavor, you can sit back and enjoy it. A few precautions, however:

You should always be mindful of your environment. When smoking in public places, make sure it is allowed and also take care of those who may be affected by the smoke or put off by it.
Secondly, always make sure you always go for quality products. CBD is gaining popularity and there will be, many people out there hoping to make some easy money by selling cheap substandard products. You should always make sure you make a purchase from professional and registered sites. In case of any concerns, your seller should still be able to answer your questions confidently.

So why should you smoke CBD oil?


When you are consuming CBD, you lose part of it, no matter what. If you consume it orally, you’re looking at about 15 percent bioavailability. In other words, for every 100 milligrams you eat, you get 15 milligrams in your bloodstream. CBD vaping helps with bioavailability by bypassing your gut and liver.

It goes directly into your bloodstream, diffusing from your lungs. Therefore, this takes bioavailability up to 50 to 60 percent. The direct route to your bloodstream also helps with activating CBD more quickly.

With a higher bioavailability, you can use less product to get the same results. Of course, when you compare vaping CBD to other consumption methods, you will find that it is more effective than most.

Most CBD smokers will have their reasons why they love to smoke CBD. Most of them will do it as a source of relief from different ailments; some will do it out of curiosity while others will do it just for recreation.

Cannabidiol has been seen to provide a solution to Rapid Eye Movement (REM) behavior. The condition is common among patients who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Some of these patients will become violent during sleep, a situation that causes emotional and physical distress to partners and family.

In as much as CBD is packed with good things, it also has its side effects.

Some side effects of CBD

Several studies have brought to light a few subtle effects of CBD. These include;

Sleepiness or drowsiness

Feeling sleepy after taking CBD is no surprise, it is one of its primary uses. This is perhaps the reason why it is recommended for patients with sleep disorders. For new users, however, feeling sleepy and tired may come as a surprise.

Dry Mouth.

Dry mouth has for decades been associated with cannabis. Cannabis users will often experience a reduction in the saliva in the mouth; an effect commonly referred to as cottonmouth. This effect is however not as pronounced why taking cannabidiol. Any dry mouth after consuming the oil may be linked to the effect of the extract on the salivary glands. To solve it, one can easily rehydrate by taking water.

Feeling Lightheadedness

Feeling lightheaded is often associated with a reduction in blood pressure. For people who may experience it, it will usually clear after a short while. If you would like a quick remedy, you could try taking a beverage or some bit of chocolate.

The consumption of CBD is therefore not limited to oral drops. Those wondering if you can smoke CBD oil can now rest easy and make their order their fancy vape pen.


Disclaimer: The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act requires this disclaimer. We collected this information from various sources for the convenience of our customers. The statements made regarding these products were not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products is not confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information presented here is not meant as a substitute for information from health care practitioners. It is also not meant as an alternative to information from health care practitioners. Before using any product, you should consult your doctor and ask about the risk of interactions or complications.

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