How to Choose the Right CBD Capsules

CBD Capsules

Are you ready to take the plunge and make your first purchase of CBD? Check out this guide to make sure you choose the right CBD capsules for your needs. Over the last couple of years, health and wellness professionals have been raving about the effects of cannabidiol (CBD) and CBD capsules. The main focus has been on CBD oils. What people don’t always realize, though, is that CBD can be administered in a variety of formats, including capsules.

If you think you might prefer CBD capsules of other options, keep reading. We’re telling you everything you need to know to choose the best CBD capsules for your specific needs.

What is CBD?

First, let’s go over what CBD actually is.

CBD is one of many compounds, known as cannabinoids, that is present in the cannabis plant.

CBD is becoming more widely accepted throughout the world.

One reason for this is because, unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), another well-known cannabinoid, CBD is not psychoactive. In short, this means that it doesn’t get you high.

How Does it Work?

cbd capsule effect on cb1 and cb2

The body contains specific receptors that many cannabinoids, including THC, attach to. Unlike THC, CBD does not directly stimulate the body’s cannabinoid receptors.

Instead, it activates several other receptors within the body. Specifically, CBD works with the vanilloid, serotonin, and adenosine receptors.

CBD also blocks THC’s psychoactive actions. Because of this, some experts suggest that CBD is more effective when consumed alongside THC.

Is CBD Legal?
cbd legal status for cbd capsules and their effect

CBD’s legal status in the United States is confusing.

It became even more confusing after the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) issued a rule in December 2016 emphasizing that CBD and all other cannabis extracts were illegal and considered Schedule 1 substances under federal law.

However, many state governments have deemed CBD to be legal, and it can be purchased off the shelf at many health food stores and smoke shops.

Here are some basics about the legality of CBD in the United States:

  • CBD is currently legal in 44 states
  • In the 28 states where medical or recreational cannabis is legal, CBD is included in those laws
  • There are only 6 states where CBD is technically illegal: South Dakota, Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, Indiana, and West Virginia.

Some manufacturers have found a loophole in the current laws, though. If CBD is derived from hemp, the non-psychoactive variety of the cannabis plant, it appears to be legal to distribute throughout the United States.

Despite (or perhaps because of) these confusing laws, CBD is still available in many health food stores and smoke shops throughout the country.

There have only been a few documented cases of legal action for distributing these products, and no documented cases of arrests for possession. This suggests that it is considered a low priority for most law enforcement officials.

Ways to Consume CBD

Best CBD products

CBD can be administered in a number of ways. Some of the most common methods are listed below:

  • Sprays
  • Capsules
  • Vaporizing
  • Tinctures
  • Concentrated oils
  • Topicals

Each one of these methods comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. For the purposes of this article, though, we’re going to focus solely on the effects of CBD capsules.

Benefits of CBD Oil Pills

How to take CBD Capsules

Many people prefer CBD capsules over other types of administration because it’s a fast, simple, and clean option.

Some of the other benefits of CBD capsules include:

Easier Dosing

It’s also easier to measure the right dosage when you’re taking CBD capsules. Oil can be tricky because you have to take the right number of drops to get the desired effect. This can lead to error and is also not as convenient.

With capsules, you just take a certain number, and you’re good to go.

Better for Traveling

cbd for flying

CBD capsules are shelf-stable and can be better for people who do a lot of traveling.

You don’t have to worry about them breaking and leaking all over your belongings as you do with oil, which typically comes in a glass bottle.

Easier for Habit Formation

Many people also have an easier time incorporating CBD capsules into their day. This is especially true for people who are already in the habit of taking multivitamins or other supplements on a daily basis.

Simply throw the capsules in with your other pills, and you’re on your way!

Better Taste

In its natural state, CBD oils and other products don’t have a particularly pleasant taste. Many people describe them as tasting “grassy” or “plant-like.”

If this doesn’t appeal to you, capsules are the way to go. They’re flavorless, odorless, and go down easily with a glass of water.

How To Take CBD Capsules

The nice thing about capsules is that you can’t really mess them up. Simply swallow them with a glass of water!

Like with other supplements, it’s best to take your capsules at the same time every day. This helps your body get into a routine and reap the benefits of CBD on a regular basis.

Can They be Taken on an Empty Stomach?

Most CBD capsules can be taken on an empty stomach without any issues. This is another reason why they’re great for traveling or consuming on the go.

However, some experts suggest taking your CBD capsules with a fat source, such as nuts or full-fat yogurt. This is because cannabinoids can be absorbed better into the small intestine if they’re consumed with fat.

What if I’m a Vegetarian?

Most CBD capsules will say on the label if they are vegan or vegetarian.

Can I Combine Capsules with Other Forms of CBD?


In fact, combining your CBD capsules with a tincture or spray can actually help you better customize your dosage. This will make them even more effective and help you get the specific health benefits you’re looking for.

When you’re combining different forms of CBD, just make sure you start small. You don’t want to accidentally take in too much too quickly.

How Much Should I Take?

When it comes to CBD, there’s no one correct dosage for everyone. The amount you take will depend on the symptoms you’re trying to treat, the quality of CBD you’re consuming, and you’re own personal biology and tolerance levels.

CBD capsules typically come in the following dosages:

  • 10mg
  • 25mg
  • 50mg
  • 100mg
  • 250mg

Generally speaking, 25-40 milligrams of CBD per day is considered to be a good amount for overall health and wellness.

Some people like to start with just 10-15 milligrams per day to see how they react.

When you’re trying to figure out the right CBD dosage for you, it’s a good idea to start small and then add more if you feel like you do not see the desired effects.

The truth about CBD Pills:

When somebody asks, “is there a CBD dosage method with 100% accuracy”, the answer to this would be that Capsules. It is the type of dosage method that has 100% accuracy in relation to CBD” If you are taking CBD capsules, then rest assured you are taking the right kind of dosage.

CBD capsules are filled with exact amounts of CBD and they also provide a truly accurate way to dose CBD. If your optimal CBD intake is around 16mg to 25mg then simply buying a bottle of 20mg to 25mg will be the best thing to do.

There are other methods with high accuracy but they are not that easy to intake. These can range from CBD edibles, gummies and beverages. While they might be more fun but still you can just a pop a pill then swallow it with a glass of water. It does not get easier than that.

So are CBD pills right for you?

This is the question that asked a lot when it comes to the CBD pills and our answer to it is that it depends on the user. All individuals who are looking to take CBD have different needs and reasons for its intake.

This is why we cannot speak about situation individually and then give the honest answer for this, which is saying that “Why not try CBD pills”. So this is what we do we suggest you to try CBD pills and then we’ll see how will it go from there.

One of the great benefits of CBD pills is that there is no downside to the idea of experimentation. It is essentially hard to take to much CBD and the side effects are basically non-existent.

One thing to do about it is that you can visit a local dispensary and talk to a budtender over there. You can do this for the recommendation of CBD pills. The budtender will be basically more equipped to deal with your situation regarding CBD and may provide good recommendations. They may also provide some insight into which of the methods are best and why especially in regards to you.

Essentially this is the beauty of CBD and other related strains, as there a number of ways to take and get relief from the ailment you suffering from.

How to Choose the Right Hemp Oil Pills

Full Spectrum Capsules 60CT

It’s great that more and more people are starting to understand the health benefits that CBD has to offer. What’s not great, though, is the fact that there are a lot of unscrupulous companies out there that are putting out subpar products.

To make sure you’re getting the benefits of CBD, you need to make sure you’re taking a high-quality product.

These tips will help you determine whether or not a manufacturer is putting out quality CBD capsules.

Find Out Where the Plants Were Grown

Hemp and all other forms of cannabis plants are bioaccumulators. This means that they absorb a variety of compounds and substances that are present in the soil in which they’re grown.

Because of this, it’s crucial that you make sure the plants from which your CBD came were grown in clean soil. If they were exposed to chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides, your supplements could be contaminated.

Most manufacturers will list right on the label or on their website where the plants were grown. If you can’t find out where the plants were grown, it’s best to look elsewhere for your products.

Check the Lab Results

third party lab results for pesticides

Any reputable manufacturer will have their products tested by a third-party laboratory. They’ll also make the results of those lab tests available to customers.

During the testing process, lab technicians will check to make sure the product is free from a variety of chemicals, including pesticides, solvents, heavy metals, and other contaminants.

If a manufacturer doesn’t share the testing analyses for their products, that’s a big red flag. Only by CBD capsules and other CBD products from companies that are willing to pay for lab testing to ensure their customers are getting a quality product.

Check the Processing Method for your Hemp Pills

You should also do some research into how the CBD is processed before buying any kind of CBD product.

The CO2 extraction method involves using pressurized carbon dioxide to pull CBD from the plant.

This method is more expensive than other extraction methods, but it’s also considered to be one of the safest options, both for the environment and those doing the extracting. It also yields a potent and pure extract.

Some manufacturers use petroleum solvents for the extraction process. This process is cheaper and more efficient. But, it can leave petroleum-based residue in the CBD products, which can negatively affect a variety of the body’s function.

Petroleum extraction also does not extract as much CBD from the plant as the CO2 method does.

Look for Whole-plant Extracts

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 5000mgYou should also look for companies that use whole plant CBD oil. This means that the CBD was extracted from several different parts of the plant, including the stem, stalks, and seeds.

When you use whole plant products, you’re getting additional natural components of the plant. Some of these components include:

  • Terpenes (which are responsible for the plant’s aroma)
  • Sugars
  • Secondary cannabinoids
  • Flavonoids (which are responsible for the plant’s color)

Many believe that the presence of these components makes the CBD more effective overall.

Check the Manufacturer’s Track Record

Especially when you’re buying CBD products online, you need to do your research and find out if the manufacturer has a good track record.

The CBD supplement industry is young, but there are still plenty of reviews out there for various manufacturers that can help you discern whether or not they’re credible.

What are their online reviews like? Are people happy with their products? Are they quick to respond to questions and problems?

If you can’t find any information on the manufacturers, or if everything you can find is negative, keep looking.

When you’re shopping for any kind of CBD products in stores, ask a salesperson about the brand you’re considering.

They should be able to tell you what past customers are saying about a particular product and point you in the direction of a good, high-quality one.

What Claims Does the Company Make?

Some CBD retailers make some pretty outlandish claims and promises about their products. Be wary of these companies.

It’s true that there is a wide range of benefits that come with consuming CBD on a regular basis. But, it’s a violation of the guidelines laid out in the Food and Drug Administration’s Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act for manufacturers to say that their products can treat any specific medical conditions or symptoms.

Instead, companies that sell CBD products can only say that these products support general health and wellness.

A company that’s claiming their product is some kind of magic cure-all is, at best, unscrupulous and willing to violate the FDA’s guidelines. At worst, they’re putting out a sub-par product that could be unsafe to consume

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