CBD Oil and Tinctures

Hemp Extracted CBD Oil takes health and wellness routines to the next level.
An added concentration of naturally occurring cannabinoids, antioxidants, neuroprotectants, and essential fatty acids focus your mind and body on promoting superior health and wellness.
What is CBD?.

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in Cannabis sativa, the Latin name for cannabis or hemp.

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CBD Oils and Tinctures

As some of the most popular hemp products on the market, Try the CBD is proud to offer our extensive, high-quality line of both CBD oils and CBD tinctures.

These products are easy to use, non-psychoactive, and perfect for all-over support. Whether you enjoy the flavor of a CBD oil or the bioavailability of a CBD tincture, Try the CBD has the perfect product options for you — and we can send them right to your door. 


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What is CBD Oil? 

CBD oil and CBD tinctures are terms that are often used interchangeably; however, these two products are not the same.

CBD oil is a type of rich CBD extract that has been combined with a carrier oil. This oil tends to be MCT, hemp seed, or even olive oil depending on the manufacturer’s preferences. These products are made with oil-based products because CBD is a fat-soluble compound.

Essentially, when consumed, the CBD cannabinoids are going to be more effectively absorbed by fats — not water. So, by using an oil as a carrier, the CBD can be extracted and mixed easily.

You’ll find CBD oil made either unflavored — also called “natural” — or with certain flavor profiles to make the consumption experience more palatable. CBD oil drops come in practically any flavor under the sun: citrus, berry, chocolate, mint, vanilla — you name it.

Many people love CBD oil because of the ease the bring for consumption. You can easily place a few drops under the tongue or even add it directly to your food for extra simplicity. Regardless, the product is easy to consume, enjoyable, and produces quick, full-body effects that consumers of all backgrounds will love. 

What is a CBD Tincture? 

A CBD tincture, on the other hand, is a CBD product that’s made with an alcohol-based carrier — not oil. The alcohol acts as a solvent to extract the CBD cannabinoids and other compounds from the plant itself.

Tinctures are known for being easy to use and good for accurate dosing. They’re also quite popular because of their high bioavailability levels: this means that tinctures easily absorb into the body, creating quick, powerful results. This makes CBD tinctures ideal for consumers who are in need of rapid, potent effects whenever desired.

However, it’s worth noting that CBD tinctures do tend to have a more bitter taste than CBD oil does. This is because tincture CBD products are made with alcohol, and the process leaves a bit of a bitter aftertaste.

Some companies do well to disguise the taste, but most consumers still find a pure CBD tincture to be somewhat unappealing — but, the powerful effects make it more than worth it. 

Is CBD Hemp Oil the Same as Tincture CBD?

CBD hemp oil is not the same as tincture CBD — despite them often being marketed as such.

As we mentioned, organic CBD oil is made with an oil base, while CBD tinctures are made with alcohol as a solvent. This creates two similar-looking products, but ones that are very different at the core.

It’s important to note the taste differences, as well as the bioavailability differences between the products, as well. Hemp CBD oil tends to be quite palatable, even when it’s unflavored.

The plant-like notes of the extract tend to blend well with the oil, creating an earthy flavor profile with your drops. Or, you can buy flavored CBD oils to disguise those plant-like effects as a whole.

Pure CBD tinctures are going to be pretty bitter: plain and simple. This boils down to the way that the products are produced. While you can find flavored CBD tinctures, the bitterness of the alcohol solvent still tends to be pretty apparent.

So, as long as you’re okay with a slightly astringent flavor profile, CBD tinctures will do the trick.

Finally, one of the biggest differences between CBD oil and CBD oil tinctures, other than the base carriers — is bioavailability. Because of the presence of alcohol within tinctures, the cannabinoids have a slightly easier time breaking down and absorbing within the body.

This means that the effects tend to kick in quicker and feel stronger from a CBD tincture than a CBD oil.

However, it’s worth noting that some CBD oils are made with enhanced bioavailability, giving them a more rapid onset of effects. 

Why They’re So Often Confused

Even though organic CBD oil and pure CBD tinctures are two different products, they’re frequently confused with one another. While this primarily comes down to a lack of cannabis education, it also has to do with incorrect labeling.

Unfortunately, it’s fairly common for a brand to label a CBD oil as a “tincture” or even a tincture as a “hemp oil.” This makes it tough to understand what you’re buying and whether or not it’s the right product for you.

To help avoid this, always check your product’s ingredient list and COA before purchasing. In the ingredient list, a CBD oil will have a carrier oil listed, while CBD tinctures will have an alcohol base. If you find your ml bottle to be mislabeled, make sure you reach out to the brand directly.     

Types of Hemp Oil for Sale

As one of the most popular hemp products on the market, there are so many different types of CBD oil products for you to choose from.

Below, we’ve broken down some of the most common types of CBD oil for sale, as well as other hemp oils like CBN or CBG. 


As we’ve mentioned, CBD oil is a type of product that contains CBD extract and a carrier oil. But, did you know that there are different types of CBD oils that you may come across?

Full-spectrum CBD oil is fairly common. This type of oil has an extract that contains the full spectrum of the cannabis plant: CBD, minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and even trace (legal) amounts of THC. Full-spectrum oils are well-known for their potent, full-bodied effects due to a phenomenon called the entourage effect. They tend to come in a 30 ml bottle.

The entourage effect states that the components within cannabis work best synergistically. This means that when you consume CBD alongside other cannabinoids, it’s going to work better than if you consumed it just on its own.

The cannabinoids work well with each other, helping to enhance each other’s properties and create a stronger, more pronounced experience.

If you’re interested in experiencing the entourage effect but don’t want to consume THC, you can always try broad-spectrum CBD oil, instead.

Broad-spectrum CBD oil contains CBD, minor cannabinoids, and terpenes, but absolutely no THC. A broad-spectrum product will always be THC-free and also typically come in a 30 ml bottle.

However, with the presence of other cannabinoids and terpenes, you still get a nice taste of the entourage effect, as the compounds are able to continue working with one another.

CBD isolate oil, on the other hand, will be nothing more than CBD. CBD isolates contain just cannabidiol and no other compounds or terpenes.

This is a good option for consumers who want to experience the benefits of pure CBD without the effects of other present compounds.

Although, it is worth noting that CBD isolate oil tends to not feel as potent as full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD oils, likely because of the lack of an entourage effect.   

CBN Oil 

CBN oil is a different type of hemp oil made with high amounts of cannabinol — also known as CBN. CBN is one of many cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, and it actually occurs after THC has degraded.

Because of this, older cannabis strains tend to have high amounts of CBN compared to younger ones.

Even though CBN technically comes from THC, the cannabinoid doesn’t present psychoactive effects as THC does. Instead, it’s a non-intoxicating compound that’s best for those who don’t want to get high from their cannabis products.

Professionals work to extract the CBN cannabinoid and combine it with a carrier oil to create a type of CBN oil. The result tends to be a more sedative, calming experience that people may enjoy before bed.

The actual effects of the CBN compound will vary from person to person, but many consumers find the cannabinoid to be helpful for sleep, pain, and overall relaxation. 

Just like CBD, you can also find full-spectrum CBN oil for sale, broad-spectrum, or even pure CBN oil if you’re interested. You can also purchase unflavored or flavored CBN cannabis oil depending on what most appeals to you. 


CBG oil is another type of hemp oil that’s great for consumers seeking something soothing and non-psychoactive. Made from the cannabigerol (CBG) cannabinoid, CBG oil is well known for its therapeutic results and well-rounded properties.

As a whole, the CBG cannabinoid is present naturally in pretty small amounts. This has led cultivators to breed CBG-rich strains, allowing them to better work with the cannabinoid and produce products with high levels of cannabigerol.

The effects of CBG will vary, but many people find the cannabinoid helpful for things like comfort and other supportive effects.

Of course, you can buy CBG full-spectrum oil, CBG broad-spectrum oil, or pure CBG oil for sale online if you’re interested.

Luckily for you, Try the CBD not only offers CBD oil for sale, but we also have great selections of top-shelf CBG and CBN oil for sale, too.

Whether you’re interested in trying a new CBD oil, CBN oil for before bed, or CBG oil for your aches and pains, Try the CBD is here to provide you with everything you could need and more.

How to Use CBD Oils and Tinctures

One of the best things about CBD oils and tinctures is how easy they are to use. These types of products require little to no skill and absolutely no prior knowledge or consumption of CBD.

Plus, you have a few different options to choose from.

Below, we’re walking you through the steps for oral consumption and sublingual consumption of CBD tinctures and hemp oil drops.

Oral Consumption

Oral consumption tends to be the most common consumption method for CBD oil consumers; however, you can also consume tinctures this way.

To enjoy your oil or tincture orally, you’re going to add your typical dose to a food or beverage of your choosing. Typically, you should consider the flavor profiles of what you’re eating or drinking to ensure they don’t clash too badly with the plant-like tastes of your hemp oil or tincture.

If you’re using an oil, it’s best to add your CBD oil to fat-based ingredients like butter or oil for the best mixing.

After your CBD tincture or hemp oil has been added, you will simply consume the product as usual. Then, the effects of the CBD hidden inside will start to kick in after your body has metabolized and digested the cannabinoids.

With oral consumption, you can expect the CBD oils to start working anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours later, so make sure you’re patient. You have to wait for your body to do its thing, first! CBD tinctures may produce slightly quicker effects, though.

Sublingual Consumption

If you don’t want to wait too long for your hemp oil CBD to kick in, sublingual consumption is best for quick, potent results.

To consume your CBD oil or tincture sublingually, you will simply place your recommended dosage directly under your tongue. Resist the urge to swallow it for about 20-30 seconds.

Then, we suggest swishing the substance around in the mouth and gums before swallowing it entirely.

Doing this allows the cannabinoids to work themselves into the mucous membranes of the mouth, giving them a fast track to the bloodstream.

Thus, the effects of the oil are able to kick in much more rapidly, as the cannabinoids don’t have as arduous of a journey as they do when you consume them orally.

Of course, consuming your CBD THC tincture this way is going to be a bit less appealing than orally, because you have to taste the oil directly.

Some CBD oils taste better than others, especially flavored ones, but some people aren’t a huge fan of the plant-like aftertaste. Thus, you can try swallowing your oil and then taking a drink of juice, soda, or even water to just rinse out the remaining hemp notes.

Are CBD Oils and Tinctures Legal?

Both CBD hemp oil and CBD tincture oil are completely legal in the United States — as long as they follow certain regulations.

The US government legalized hemp production back in 2018, which subsequently legalized the sale of hemp-derived products.

This means that products like CBD oil or tinctures are federally legal in the country as long as they come from hemp and do not contain more than 0.3% THC by weight.

As long as these products adhere to those guidelines, they are federally legal and permitted in all 50 states.

Because of this legalization, you’re able to easily purchase CBD hemp oil for sale online and have it shipped right to your house. Before the 2018 Farm Bill, this was illegal federally. Today, buying these approved nonprescription CBD products has never been so effortless.

However, you should still be cautious about the hemp-derived CBD products you buy and ensure they always follow federal guidelines.

Also, some states have different laws regarding THC percentages, not allowing any sort of full-spectrum CBD oil or tincture. Double-check the regulations in your area before buying products to guarantee you’re on the right side of the law. 

Which is Better: CBD Tinctures or CBD Oil Drops?

When it comes to comparing CBD tinctures to CBD oil drops, it’s important to note that one isn’t necessarily better than another. These two products are different and offer different properties and experiences that some people may enjoy more than others.

If you’re someone who is sensitive to flavors and is wanting the most pleasant consumption experience possible, then CBD oil will likely be a better choice.

But, if you’re someone who is purely seeking strong, fast-acting results, a CBD tincture is going to give you the ideal effects.

Because of this, it’s important to take the time to consider what you’re looking to get out of your oil or tincture.

Once you determine what your ideal consumption method is, how you want to feel, how fast you want effects to kick in, or how you want your product to taste, it will become much easier to determine which product — a CBD oil or CBD tincture — is best for you.

Luckily, we’ve got both options for you to choose from here at Try the CBD.    

Where to Buy the Best CBD Oil Online

If you’re looking for the best place to buy CBD oil online, Try the CBD has you covered. Our online store offers a huge selection of both CBD oils and tinctures, as well as other hemp oils like CBG and CBN oil drops, too.

All of these products are crafted using our top-shelf extracts and high-quality ingredients, ensuring that your CBD oil or CBD tincture experience is as perfect as possible.

Whether you’re looking for full-spectrum or isolate, CBD oil or CBG tinctures, or something completely different, let Try the CBD be your one-stop CBD shop.

Frequently asked questions

When will my CBD oil arrive?

Generally, all packages are shipped out via USPS between one to five business days after payment has processed. Our business is open five days a week (including some holidays) to have your orders shipped ASAP. Orders are shipped on weekdays via USPS. All orders are processed in one to five business days. Orders made on weekends or holidays will be processed on the next business day. Customers can expect to receive their orders once they are shipped within two to four business days. Once your package has shipped, you will receive a USPS tracking number via email. If you did not receive your email with the tracking number, double check your spam folder, please. NOTE: We are not able to ship to military bases – if you have an address off base, please have your package shipped there.

Does the CBD oil help with common aches?

There are an endless amounts of reasons why people choose Try The CBD oils. From helping support a feeling of calm to assisting in general focus and supporting post-exercise recovery.

What is Try The CBD oil best for?

CBD tincture has a wide range of usage that depends on each individual and what your needs are. Some of our customers find that CBD oil is effective for improving the overall quality of life, while others believe it works best to help improve relaxation, focus, and a sense of peace.

What is the difference between CBD oil and CBD tincture?

The difference between CBD oil and CBD tincture is that CBD oil contains CBD in an oil base and CBD tinctures contain CBD in an alcohol base. CBD tinctures can contain additional ingredients – herbs, flavoring agents, essential oils, etc. The uses and applications of both CBD oils and tinctures are mostly the same.

What are the benefits of CBD oil?

There are an endless amount of reasons why people choose Try The CBD oils. From helping support a feeling of calm to assisting in general focus and supporting post-exercise recovery.

How to know where my CBD comes from?

Be sure to do your homework before buying any CBD product online. Here at Try The CBD we create our products for the people who want the highest quality natural cannabinoids without the worry, but also to make sure they are getting the best quality and value for their money.

Does CBD oil help with anxiety?

Try The CBD products can be used to help maintain a sense of calm, as well as support focus and the control of normal day-to-day stresses. They are not made to treat, diagnose, or cure any condition or disease.

Can I use CBD oil for pain relief?

Try The CBD products are not made to treat, diagnose, or cure any condition or disease. Our customers use our products daily in an effort to maintain and support their well-being. Many of our costumers use our products during recovery from physical exercise and activity-induced soreness.

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