CBD Oil Brands: Guide to Buying CBD Oil

You must have already heard about CBD oil. Today’s blog will explore the various kinds of CBD Oil Brands out there. Everyone these days wants to buy CBD oil and why not! It offers endless effects owing to the presence of non-psychotic cannabis in it. Over the years, CBD oil has proven to be a remarkable solution to problems for young men and women, children, the elderly, and even pet animals like or cats.

CBD oil – New Trend Alert

For years, CBD oil has struggled to find its rightful place in the global market. But it seems like after years the struggle has finally come to an end. From the end of 2016 till the present date, CBD oil has become the latest major trend in the supplement markets worldwide. According to a recently published report, the market of CBD oil brands is expanding at a rate of 55 percent annually and is predicted to become the biggest wellness market trend by 2020. However, the real challenge is to find the best CBD brands out there.

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Investing in CBD oil in 2018

With the market for CBD oil so rapidly expanding and the endless benefits that this product has to offer – it is only understandable that you want to buy CBD oil products too. You are not alone but in fact right on the pathway to becoming part of thousands of people who are already using it for different purposes.

CBD is gaining traction in business terms too as more and more people are buying it as they become more aware of it and its benefits. This means there is a market with very high demand and with a low entry of barriers into the business so one can establish their own CBD products in the arena. The barriers are low because the business market and high demand are just fresh off the gate. This means that should hurry before someone else monopolizes the whole market with its own CBD products. You getting earlier will save you a lot of money essentially.

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Looking for CBD oil products?

The popularity of CBD oil around the world has also marked an obvious upsurge in the number of available CBD oil products in the market. So when you start looking for CBD oil products, it becomes extremely overwhelming. So, there are certainly a lot of things you need to look at when you’re searching for the best cbd oil brands.

What do you need to know about CBD oil?

When you are looking to buy the best organic CBD oil, the first thing you need to begin with is to question yourself ‘Do you really need a CBD oil product?’ or is it right for me? CBD oil products are jam-packed with non-psychotic health benefits.

The benefits that it brings for people credit to the presence of cannabinoid chemicals in its plant. The first and foremost thing about it is that it is not a psychoactive substance. CBD or as it is called Cannabinoidiol scientifically which is essentially a chemical compound that stems from the plant of cannabis can be involved in many of its strains. It is THC chemical compound also called Tetrahydrocannabinol that essentially makes us high. If THC s present any strain of cannabis that has THC then it is essentially going to make you high. If the strain of the cannabis plant has only CBD in high numbers and THC in very low numbers then it will not make you high.

Buyer’s guide for CBD oil products

We decided to make things easier for you by putting together a quick and brief buyer’s guide for CBD oil products. In this blog, we have highlighted everything that must be taken into consideration prior to buying CBD oil products. By following the buying guideline in this article, you will be able to buy a CBD oil product that perfectly fits your needs and matches up to your preferences.

Factor # 1: Considering how the hemp plant was grown

First thing first – you have to begin your research for the best brand of CBD oil from the root (literally!). So the first thing that you need to take into consideration is how the hemp plant was grown and cultivated. A cannabinoid extracted from the hemp plant becomes the base of CBD oil products. Hence, it is so crucial to understanding how the hemp plant has grown.

Hemp plants are bio-accumulators

Hemp plants are bio-accumulators i.e. they have the ability to absorb all kinds of nutrients from its surrounding environments including air, water, and soil. 

Why are organic hemp plants so important?

It is crucial that the CBD oil product you buy comes from an organic hemp plant. The main reason is that organic plant growth is all-natural and is never interfered with by any chemicals. Synthetically cultivated plants are full of toxic substances like pesticides and herbicides. The bio-accumulation property of the plant will absorb all the toxins and the Cannabinoid extracted from the plant will also be full of these toxins. The use of toxic CBD oil can lead to the onset of life-threatening diseases such as blood cancer, soft tissue sarcoma, and various types of skin cancer. The list of risks involved with using non-organic CBD oil products is long, and this is why it is crucial to look for a product that comes from an organic source.

Factor # 2: Amounts of THC in the CBD oil product

THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol. It is the same chemical that is found in hemp plants as well as weed plants and is notorious for causing the ‘high’ in people after consumption. The primary reason why people confuse hemp plants for weed is that they think THC has the same ‘high’ effect in both cases, but this isn’t the case. Weed or Marijuana has more than 25% of THC in it that results in high while hemp merely has 0.5 to 1% of THC and the effects are therefore much milder and more therapeutic. This is why it is crucial to get the CBD oil product cross-checked before you use it. Yes, all CBD oil products come with a detailed certification of composition breakdown. 

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Check for CBD oil product certification

When you are buying a product for medical purposes that can be abusive – you need to make sure you double-check for its certificate of clearance. Legally, the permitted amount of THC in a CBD oil product should be no more than 0.03 to 0.05 percent. The minimal amount of THC in the product will offer maximum health benefits whilst increasing ratios of THC will only reverse the effects.

Why you should look for minimal THC in CBD oil products?

The primary reason to look for minimal amounts of THC in CBD oil products is that it will pass a drug test easily. Secondly, it will have no side effects and its formation will be abiding by the guidelines of SAMHSA. Hence, you should look for CBD oil products that have 0.03% or less amount of THC in them.

Factor # 3: Cross-testing the CBD oil product

Health is wealth and there is no shame in being concerned for your wellness more than anything else. The worst that can happen is death and you shouldn’t trust the manufacturer’s word completely if you have the slightest apprehension or doubt in your mind. This is why it is crucial to get the CBD oil brands cross-checked before you use them. Yes, all CBD oil products come with a detailed certification of composition breakdown. 

What to look for in the cross-check test?

Of course, you would want to have a list of essentials ready to tick off the list. And that is when the reports for the product cross-check test comes in. The things that you need to make sure that CBD oil brands do not contain at all in any amount are any toxic foreign particles, heavy elements, bacterial germs, herbicides, pesticides, and other similar chemical matter.

Factor # 4: How does one extract CBD Oil?

There are multiple options when it comes to extracting CBD oil. The most common of them is CBD liquid oil or powder. Powder CBD naturally goes into capsules that can be consumed.

Understanding the CBD oil extraction process

To make the right choice of CBD oil brands. It is important to be aware of the CBD oil extraction process which is not as easy as it sounds. The method is natural and organic but is time-consuming. Because it involves allowing the plant to release the oil under high pressures of carbon dioxide and low temperature.

Choose a product with naturally extracted oil

It is unlikely that any company would spend that amount of time removing oil in its natural way. Because that would eventually mean production time is higher. However, you should always prefer looking for a product that contains naturally extracted amounts of CBD oil. Natural CBD oil brands promise more significant benefits as the quality of such products is higher and supreme. Moreover, there is no chemical interference with the product composition. And it is also free of harsh chemical compounds like ethanol, butane, and propane.

CBD Oil Brands: Guide to Buying CBD Oil

Factor # 5: Amount and concentration of CBD in the oil product

Two things should be on your mind as far as the composition of the CBD oil brands is concerned. The first thing, of course, is the amount of CBD in the oil. The second is the concentration of CBD oil brands. We will answer both questions for you for a complete understanding of the product’s composition.

Amount of CBD in the product

The ratio of THC and the amount of CBD in the product are two different things. Most people tend to confuse one with the other. THC is the chemical in the cannabinoid. THC should never exceed 0.03% in the oil as per legal guidelines. However, CBD is another story. The average 1000 ml of CBD oil brands should come with at least 1000mg of CBD in it. This means a 250ml product should contain 250ml CBD. 

The concentration of CBD in the product

The frequency of CBD oil brands is similar to concentrating just any other chemical component like spirit or alcohol in medicine. Since on its own it is a very harsh matter, it is important to concentrate on it, i.e., mellow it down a little. This is by far the most important thing to consider when buying a CBD oil product. The concentrated amounts of CBD in the product should not be minimal.

A 1000mg bottle of CBD oil should contain at least 250-300mg of concentrated CBD. The concentration levels should be adjusted in mind per fluid ounce of the product. So if 1000mg CBD oil comes with 250mg of concentrated CBD. Then a 500mg bottle should contain at least 125-150mg of concentrate CBD per ounce of fluid. Similarly, a 1500mg CBD bottle should contain at least 450-500mg of concentrate CBD per ounce of fluid. You should be able to do the math because the accuracy of CBD concentration is crucial to determining the effectiveness of the product. Anything less than 80mg per ounce will not be as effective.

Factor # 6: Who holds accountable for the product?

When you normally buy medicine for a cough or cold you can simply get it without a prescription from the drug store and use it till you feel better. You can also buy CBD oil without a prescription. But there are other things that you should look for with the CBD oil product. Such as who holds accountable for the product? Let us tell you why this is important. 

At the time of buying a CBD oil product, you need to make sure that the manufacturer company holds 100% responsibility for the product. There is always a chance that the CBD oil product could be abusive. In case, the product fails to deliver as promised, the outcomes reverse, or the side effects are too severe. The company should hold responsibility. The quality of the product is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer. And it should take complete accountability for it as well. One should always keep in mind that the use of toxic CBD oil can lead to the onset of life-threatening diseases. Such as blood cancer, soft tissue sarcoma, and various types of skin cancer. The list of risks involved with using non-organic CBD oil products is long, and this is why it is crucial to look for a product that comes from an organic source

Buying CBD oil brands is an important decision that you make, and you need to make sure that you take care of all the things mentioned above. Also, note the expiration date on CBD products. If you are looking for some information about disposable vape pens, how long do they last? Read here.

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Final Words:

Here are some of the final words that will essentially summarize what have you read just above. We have talked about CBD is in demand but that does not at all mean all the stuff related to it will of quality. In fact, many of these will have a lot of mixtures that may have never been heard of before. This is why we were bent on providing an explanation of why you should get these kinds of products from us. We also talked about the amount of CBD that should be correctly concentrated in the CBD-infused products among other things but now we hope you did get what we were saying.


Disclaimer: The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act requires this disclaimer. We collected this information from various sources for the convenience of our customers. The Food and Drug Administration did not evaluate the statements regarding these products. FDA research did not confirm the efficacy of these products yet. These products are not to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information we present here is not a substitute for information from health care practitioners. It is also not an alternative to information from health care practitioners. Before using any product, you should consult your doctor and ask about the risk of interactions or complications.


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