Benefits Of CBD Hemp Oil For Cancer Pain Management


Individuals dealing with a cancer diagnosis know how important it is to manage pain symptoms. Read on for theCBD hemp oil benefits for cancer pain management.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, then you must understand how trying to find a way to manage cancer pain can be a difficult and stressful process.

Chemotherapy is a proven technique for killing cancer cells but its side effects can be distressing thus leaving you feeling worse for wear.

According to, in 2016 an estimated 1.7 million people were diagnosed with cancer in the USA. Out of these many cancer patients, a small number of them found a way to alleviate the pain caused by cancer and cancer treatment methods.

Though it’s still a controversial subject, cannabis has been proven time and time again to work wonders for cancer patients

Cannabis has several properties which can help fight the pains involved with having cancer. One of these properties is CBD, the main component in CBD hemp oil.

Read on to learn more about this.

What is CBD?

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CBD, the primary ingredient in CBD hemp oil, is just one of the 60 complex compounds found in cannabis. It is part of a classification of ingredients known as cannabinoids.

CBD is a whole plant hemp extract containing the entire range of U.S. Government patented cannabinoids. Classified as hemp and thus legal to ship to all 50 states

CBD is extracted from Industrial hemp plants that contain Cannabinoids. You cannot experience any psychoactive effects “High or Stoned” with our products. Every major civilization in history has recognized hemp as #1 on its list of important plants. The ancient Chinese, Indians, Egyptians, Assyrians, Persians, Greeks and Romans all revered hemp as an incomparable source of food and medicine. Now modern science is validating what the ancients all knew — and uncovering exciting new discoveries about CBD. Recently (August 2017) FDA has declared CBD as “beneficial” and is asking now all users of CBD products for their input!

We are hard-wired with a system of cannabinoid receptors throughout our brains and bodies. When these receptors are activated, they enable two-way communication between body systems; something previously thought to be impossible.

Cannabinoids have a healing effect. Hemp extracted CBD is used by people with a variety of ailments. We sell the oils and capsules as a dietary supplement. You must do your own research if and how will CBD Products help you with your condition and help improve your lifestyle.

Despite it being associated with the drug, CBD does not cause hallucinogenic effects. That is the result of another cannabinoid known as THC. Therefore, it is completely safe to use!

There are so many benefits to using CBD, especially in the form of CBD hemp oil. Continue reading to discover how CBD can help you or someone you love go through the pains associated with cancer.

Reduces Symptoms Caused by Chemotherapy

One of the biggest pain related issues associated with cancer doesn’t even involve the disease itself, but rather the cure for it. Although chemotherapy is almost always successful in killing cancer cells, it has the unfortunate side effect of damaging healthy cells.

This leads to a range of problems in the person using chemo, including pain, nausea, loss of appetite and insomnia. It can also lead to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

Amazingly, CBD can alleviate all of these symptoms.

According to a study done by the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology in 2013, CBD is an anxiolytic, anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory, antiemetic, antioxidant and antipsychotic agent. The way it is shaped means it is perfect for targeting certain receptors in the brain, including the CB1 receptors.

To feed you with more details, we’ve listed the many side-effects of chemotherapy and how CBD hemp oil can help alleviate them.

1. Nausea

Nausea is a major problem associated with chemotherapy. It is affected by a number of factors, including how much chemotherapy is being done, how the drugs are being given and whether the patient is taking any other drugs.

So, how does cannabis tackle nausea?

It has been proven that cannabis can help get rid of the problems associated with nausea and vomiting using the CBD content in it. It has been used successfully in many animal studies and many people have reported its assistance in making their stomach settle.

2. Pain and inflammation

Another issue that affects many cancer patients and can affect you when you begin chemotherapy is pain and inflammation. A lot of this pain can stem from nerve pain caused by the radiation.

Additionally, if the chemo drug gets into the skin, it can also cause a range of problems including burning and stinging around the injection site.

CBD, such as that found in CBD cannabis oil, can work wonders for these pain problems.

There has been evidence found that cannabinoids show signs of inhibiting pain pathways in nerves by attaching to receptors like CB1. This stops the signals from reaching your brain which means that you don’t get any pain!

3. Loss of Appetite

Due to nausea, many cancer patients find it difficult to eat manually and resort to being fed through other means. Although this can sustain them like regular eating, it can bring about feelings of sadness due to losing the taste of common foods they loved.

CBD can help bring some appetite back to those who use it. It does this by not only reducing nausea but also calming your nervous system when you ingest it.

4. Anxiety and Depression

Although not a physical symptom, mental health issues can be a major problem for cancer patients. Having to be pulled away from your regular life to go through radiation therapy can take its toll on you.

But there is good news.

CBD hemp oil works wonders on the brain and can target specific areas such as emotion centers. This can help with feelings of sadness and anxiety and contribute to a better mental health.

That is pretty much what CBD can do for you when undergoing your chemotherapy.

Induces Cancer Cell Death

By far one of the most effective ways that cannabinoids like CBD can reduce cancer pain is by inducing cancer cell death. There is still a lot of research being done, but the results are looking quite promising.

Amazingly, cancer cells like leukemia cells have a very high number of cannabinoid receptors, such as the receptor CB2. The protein on the receptors recognize CBD and will allow it to land and attach to the cell.

The whole system is very similar to the way a lock and key works, but instead of opening a door, it instead kills the cancerous cell. Incredibly, the cannabinoid will target and destroy cancerous cells, but it will not affect healthy cells. Matter of fact, it may protect them.

This has great implications for cancer patients. If CBD and other cannabinoids are studied more, there may come a time in the future where it may be used alongside or even replace chemotherapy.

Other Benefits

Many other studies have shown that cannabinoids like CBD may also reduce cancer cell growth and stop tumors from regrowing.

Closing: Start Using CBD Hemp Oil Today!

Not only can CBD reduce the pain caused by cancer, it can also reduce that caused by cancer treatments such as radiation therapy. It even shows signs of curing cancer entirely.

So, what have you got to lose by trying it out?

There are so many ways to use CBD hemp oil, from vaping to applying it to the skin as a cream. Make sure you find and purchase the method that is right for you!

For more information about how CBD hemp oil can help you, our contact details can be found here.

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