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Trythecbd.com is always looking for ways to improve their service. As we’re not just selling CBD oil but we’re selling the entire experience of using CBD. In light of the recent loosening of CBD products provision we have introduced numerous discounts for customers who fall in the below bracket:

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We are offering this fantastic discount to the following groups of customers:

  • Senior Citizens (65+):

    • We know that people who are in their retirement phase don’t really earn. And it can be hard to purchase CBD products that come at a price. Hence, for people who are above the age of 65, we are providing some fantastic discounts. In this way, we give them the opportunity to get cheap CBD.
  • Active or Retired Military and Veterans:

    • Discounts are provided to military personnel whether they are currently active or are veterans.
  • Students (18+): All students who are enrolled in a university program are entitled to discounts at trythecbd.com.

  • Low-income customers (Recipients of Government Assistance):

    • Of course, customers who fall under the bracket of low income are entitled to discounts and cheap CBD on our site.
  • Customers with Disabilities: A person who is disabled (medically approved) is entitled to numerous benefits and discounts with us.

To qualify, please email us one of the following:

  • state ID confirming your age

  • military ID

  • veterans ID card

  • student card

  • the government-issued identification confirming you are receiving assistance

The above documents are important because it shows the proof that you are entitled to discounts. As long as you fall into the category, you will be given some pretty great discounts on all CBD products.

Why are discounts important? CBD Oil Sale

Discounts are very important to us as like we said before, we’re not just selling affordable CBD products. We’re selling an experience that will change the way you dealt with your health. The fact is countless victims fall into the trap of pharmaceutical companies. The drugs bought from these companies are not only expensive but are quite detrimental to one’s health. However, one must be sure that the products are regulated through fair means, which means that oftentimes, CBD products that aren’t extracted properly can be dangerous to a person’s health.

This is where Try The CBD can make a difference in your lives. It’s not just the discounts that you’re getting, but also our products are regulated and are top-notch. Why not take advantage of a cheap CBD product? Get the military discount or the senior discount on CBD and try our products.

Send us a photo of any of the items above with your first, last name, and your shipping address to info@trythecbd.com with DISCOUNT OFFER in the subject line.

We will respond within 24hours and issue you your personal CBD discount code that does not expire and you can use it as long as you love our products. This coupon code cannot be combined with any other discount coupon codes or special offers.

Questions? Email us: info@trythecbd.com


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