Colorado CBD Oil – A Cure for Epilepsy and Seizures?

Epilepsy is a chronic disorder that is characterized by recurrent, unprovoked seizures. What does Colorado CBD oil have to do with it? The key word here is unprovoked, which is to say that the seizure or seizures were not caused by a known or reversible medical condition, such as extremely low blood sugar or alcohol withdrawal.

According to the Epilepsy Foundation, 65 million people around the world have epilepsy, 3.4 million of whom live in the United States. A third of people with epilepsy live with uncontrollable seizures because no available treatment works for them.

The promising news is that studies have shown that Colorado CBD oil can be effective in the treatment of epilepsy and seizures.

First, let’s learn more about CBD and CBD oil. Colorado CBD oil may be able to help.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is a concentrated extract of the compound Cannabidiol, found in the cannabis plant. Colorado CBD oil is some of the best in the world.

With no psycho active properties, CBD is quickly becoming widely recognized as an effective treatment for many ailments, without the baggage of mind altering properties. Many people who are eager to find natural remedies for their particular conditions, but are wary of cannabis for this reason, are turning to CBD.

The results often greatly exceed expectation, and this new treatment option is becoming increasingly difficult for people to ignore or discount.

A Rising Star

CBD oil, in particular, is gaining traction due to its versatility, dosage accuracy, and rapid absorption, which leads to quick relief. It is extracted from cannabis plants categorized as “hemp” or “industrial hemp.” One great option in this sector is Colorado CBD oil.

The distinction here is that these are not “marijuana” plants. Rather, these are the type that contain next to no THC, the primary mind-altering molecule found in cannabis plants.

Industrial hemp has been cultivated for millennia, and it has been cultivated in prohibition America. It’s a crop that is hearty and resilient, and grows vigorously. The fibers of industrial hemp are highly durable and continue to be used around the globe in the manufacture of tough fabric materials that can hold up well under harsh conditions.

Hemp farmers are now finding their product to be highly sought after, as demand for medical CBD oil, with minimal need for isolation from any THC existing in the plant, is on the rise. Colorado CBD oil is more popular than ever.

What are some of the health benefits of CBD?

The health benefits of Colorado CBD oil are only just beginning to be understood. A mere 5 years ago, your most adept cannabis connoisseur would probably never have heard of it.

With the rise of medical cannabis, however, CBD, and in particular CBD oil, have rocketed into the spotlight as a treatment method for a variety of health problems.

Human physiology is well suited to work with numerous cannabinoids (compounds found in the cannabis plant). Somewhat astoundingly, the human body manufactures its own cannabinoids.

This means that we already have the right receptors for cannabinoids, including CBD, to work their magic in our bodies.

One of the more promising lines of research into CBD and Colorado CBD oil is happening in the field of cognitive dysfunction. This is associated with neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, autism, and PTSD.

Some readers may have already seen videos where a spasmodic Parkinson’s sufferer experiences immediate reduction and near cessation of symptoms when administered CBD. 

This is an incredible, shocking, and mind changing video. If CBD can offer amazing quick relief like that, why shouldn’t we make it available? We’ve seen that it has the ability to benefit people in a major way. Why shouldn’t we give people the freedom to at least try it out for themselves?

Luckily, CBD is legal in most places. Its cannabinoid cousin, THC, is the element that puts marijuana off limits for many people and places. THC is the chemical to blame for the psycho active response of marijuana — in other words, getting high. That’s what makes marijuana as a whole illegal in many places.

However, the bright side is that CBD does not have this same effect, and therefore it is widely available.

CBD and the treatment of epilepsy and seizures

Perhaps some of the most promising research on Colorado CBD oil’s value as a treatment option is in the field of seizure related afflictions such as epilepsy.

In a recent study by the American Epilepsy Society found unequivocally that CBD reduced both the severity and frequency of seizures in children with Epilepsy. This is amazing news that deserves to be shared across the boldest headlines.

Furthermore, subsequent observation showed nine per cent of patients remained seizure free. A particularly positive outcome was found in patients suffering from Dravet Syndrome.

Dravet Syndrome is a severe form of epilepsy that begins in infancy. It causes a cascade of developmental problems. Thirteen per cent of these patients remained seizure free during the subsequent observation period.

As amazing as this is, there is still some pushback against the spread of CBD! We must be critical thinkers who move beyond unhelpful stigmas. If we can allow more people to experience what some people are reporting when it comes to CBD, the world would be a better place.

It’s important to note that many of the general epilepsy patients, including the Dravet patients, had never had seizure free periods before in their lives. Can you imagine what a change of pace it was for them to experience a bit of relief? This further substantiates the efficacy of CBD in treating seizure related illnesses.

Case Study

One particular case in the UK involved a young boy who had been suffering up to one hundred seizures per day due to what is referred to as “intractable epilepsy.” This means that no treatments, diets, or medications alleviated his symptoms.

It’s hard to imagine any reasonably comfortable quality of life for a child with such a condition. It’s a sad and very unfortunate diagnosis. In addition, it can be very hard for the parents or care takers who have to keep a close watch on the boy throughout the day.

At age eleven, the boy in question began a regimen of CBD. His CBD regimen was used in conjunction with another cannabinoid compound. CBD and THC or THCA are often paired together in specific ratios for specific results, as they are known to enhance or diminish one another’s effects.

After what has been referred to as “extensive treatment” with the cannabinoid compounds, this boy was 300 days seizure free at the time the reporting was done. That’s up to three thousand seizures prevented by cannabinoids, including primarily CBD!

Can you imagine what a difference in quality of life that would make? Think of all the possibilities open to that boy. These same opportunities were closed tight before. When you understand CBD this way, it’s only natural to want to support its growth in our society.

Interestingly, historical research indicates that cannabis may have been used to treat epilepsy as early as 1800 BC in ancient Sumeria. Victorian neurological doctors often treated epilepsy using Indian Hemp, which is known to be rich in CBD content.

With the normalization of cannabis in American society over the past decade, the taboos are losing potency. This has allowed for the medical research to finally begin playing catch-up with what folk medicine has known for millennia. CBD is an effective treatment in many cases of severe epilepsy.

Managing expectations

It’s important to understand that this treatment, while extremely promising, is not going to end epilepsy or other neurological conditions in humankind. Colorado CBD oil is not a miracle cure all that will solve every problem right before your very eyes.

We can be excited, however, about the potential of CBD to help in symptom management and overall relief from many debilitating medical conditions. Still, there are still going to be people who have seizures, and perhaps some who do not actually find Colorado CBD oil to be their best treatment option.

Dravet Study

In another Dravet study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in May of 2017, the results were promising. Still, some side effects are important to note.

The study was performed as a “randomized, double blind, placebo controlled human trial.” It’s an important type of trial. The fourteen week study showed a decrease of forty to fifty per cent in monthly frequency of convulsive seizures in patients taking CBD. At the same time, the placebo group showed a drop of about thirteen per cent.

These numbers are astounding. They are worth noting. If nearly half of a person’s seizures could go away due to the use of CBD, don’t you think they’d want to give it a try?

Flip Side

However, it’s important to look at both sides. Though the results of this study were encouraging, there was also a high rate of reported side effects. These include fatigue, somnolence (unusually high need for sleep, and longer sleep durations). Perhaps less intuitively, people also reported instances of decreased appetite, diarrhea, and vomiting.

Ninety three per cent of CBD patients in this particular study reported some form of these symptoms. However, seventy five per cent of the placebo group did as well. Eight of the sixty one CBD patients dropped out of the study due to side effects, as opposed to only three of the fifty nine placebo patients.

Clearly, we have a lot left to learn. CBD is not a perfect science just yet. What could explain the times that CBD does seem to work, and how do we figure out the times it doesn’t?

Where to go from here?

While it seems irrefutable that Colorado CBD oil has vast untapped potential to alleviate many forms of human suffering, there are roadblocks. This is the unfortunate truth. People’s suffering stems from various medical conditions, so we also must acknowledge that it’s not necessarily a silver bullet.

The body of research needed to understand how to best put Colorado CBD oil to use, however, is beginning to take shape. We will learn and understand more as time goes on. To mitigate side effects and unlock the full potential of this miraculous molecule, it will take time and a little bit of dedication.

As we go, we may learn to incorporate other cannabinoids into the treatment plans for specific conditions. In doing so, we will almost certainly discover even more applications and treatment possibilities. This is an exciting time to be keeping up with the cannabis industry.

For us to fully capture the potential, we have to start by putting to bed all the old, outmoded perceptions surrounding cannabis and CBD. These date back to the prohibition era of marijuana. Times are changing, and people are curious. They want to learn more about holistic remedies and they want to try Colorado CBD oil for themselves.

Just look at the facts and pay attention to the research. CBD studies demonstrate the potential for impressive health benefits, and we should embrace the possibilities within this gift from nature. We must lessen the stigma so more and more people are able to access nature’s amazing medicine. It is not a crime to want to care for your health in the best way you know how.


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