In this article, we talk about how CBD helps men and women and can CBD improve libido?

How Does CBD Oil Work?

How does CBD oil work? Mostly by interacting with our body’s endocannabinoid system. This is a fairly discovery and scientists are still coming to understand the interplay between cannabis products and our brains.

However, one difference we have seen is that CBD oil may work slightly differently for different people. Why is this? Don’t we all have brains and bodies that generally work the same?

Well, sort of. CBD oil will have some sort of effect on everyone, but the genders may experience some slight variation between how they are affected by CBD oils and other products from the marijuana family of plants.

It’s true — CBD affects people differently. One of the reasons for this includes their gender. It seems that men and women may experience some slightly different things when using CBD oils.

This is likely because they have a different genetic makeup on a chemical level. They also may vary in size, shape, body mass, lifestyle, physical health level, and more.

Read on to learn more.

Women and CBD Oil

Women and CBD Oil - CBD and Estrogen - CBD and Woman's Libido

When it comes to smoking pot, there are a few key differences in how women are affected as opposed to men. Women are more likely than men to experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop smoking pot, they can tend to develop tolerance more quickly, and they may become more forgetful when high.

This does not necessarily pertain to CBD oil, as it does not cause you to get high as long as it does not contain the cannabinoid THC.

CBD and Women’s Libido

Estrogen is an important major hormone in women. It affects everything from mood to menstrual cycle to interest in sex.

CBD does not have quite the same effect that marijuana products with THC do. That’s because it does not contain a psychoactive component and therefore will not get you high.

To summarize, because women have different hormones and genetic makeups than men, they may experience different effects from using any sort of cannabis product.

Stopping Other Medications?

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A recent article published by Forbes, “Survey: Nearly Half Of the People Who Use Cannabidiol Products Stop Taking Traditional Medicines,” found a very interesting correlation between women and CBD use.

The results of a recent survey caught the interest of a writer at Forbes because it made an interesting distinction between men and women when it comes to CBD use.

Forbes put it this way:

“The largest survey on cannabidiol or CBD usage to date found that women were more likely than men to use CBD and once they started using it, were likely to drop their traditional medicine. A new survey from Brightfield Group and HelloMD covered 2,400 of HelloMD’s community of 150,000 members and did a deep dive into the usage of CBD products and their effectiveness. HelloMD is an online community that brings together doctors and cannabis patients.”

Men and CBD Oil

What about men? Is it possible for men to experience different effects from using CBD as well?

Indeed. There are a few key differences between men and women when it comes to sensitivity to CBD and other marijuana products. These symptoms may play a part for both genders.

Got the Munchies?

It’s common knowledge that using marijuana can cause you to eat — and eat and eat and eat! This feeds into the stereotype of the lazy stoner who just wants to order some pizza.

As long as you don’t let your appetite get away from you when high, you should be okay!

Of course, CBD oil may not have this same effect since it does not cause a high. However, you still may enjoy a good snack or two when enjoying the property of any sort of marijuana product.


cbd for migraine - pain relief - men and cbd oilWhen it comes to getting high on marijuana products, there are some ways that cannabis affects men more than women in undesirable ways. Yes, there are some cons to being a man when it comes to the world of cannabis.

That’s not necessarily bad news. Men simply have to consume more of it to get the same effect.

If you’re a male, all these means is that you simply need to be careful when it comes to your marijuana use and habits. Stay safe and smart when using marijuana and make sure to put your health and wellness first.

CBD and Libido in Men

When it comes to men and libido when using cannabis products, things get a bit more complicated.

It seems that smoking pot may only work as an aphrodisiac for a short amount of time after smoking, and then produces an opposite effect.

How CBD Helps Men and Women: Can CBD Improve Libido?

Men and CBD Oil - CBD and Libido In Men - Can CBD Improve Libido

While some have expressed concern that CBD could damage the reproductive system or cause harm, it doesn’t seem like that’s the reality of the situation. Some people fear that smoking pot can decrease the level of testosterone in men.

So, can CBD improve libido? When it comes to libido, the reports vary. This is because CBD and cannabis can affect everyone differently. What helps one person or increases their libido may decrease another person’s. Also, the dosage can play a huge part in this as well.

As people felt better and satisfied about life — as their health improves and they suffer less from symptoms of whatever diseases they may have — it’s no wonder that their sex life may improve along the way as well.

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