Congress finally receives the overdue report by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in respect of the potential regulation of hemp-derived CBD products sale. This FDA report comes in Congress a week later than its deadline. Sadly, it is not really a reason to celebrate.

Basically, FDA remains on the initial statement that more studies are required in order for some actions to be taken. This report focused mainly on the Agency’s progress in collecting additional scientific information about the risk and benefits of Cannabidiol. There are still no safeguards for public health and safety while many unregulated products find their way on the market.

FDA CBD Report Recommends Companies to Provide Safety Information

On the bright side, the FDA report still provides Congress with some understanding of their additional measures in this process. One of the main points of the report is that the FDA is actively exploring pathways to regulate and allow the marketing of CBD as a dietary supplement. Furthermore, a risk-based enforcement policy is considered that would provide greater transparency into the FDA’s enforcement priorities.

Speaking about CBD as a food and drinks supplement, FDA encourages CBD companies to provide information with the Agency regarding its safety. FDA remains concerned about this issue. Especially, after several issued warnings to CBD companies making claims about the therapeutic benefits of its products. And it will continue this practice. In line with these unsubstantiated claims, the FDA mentions that there is not enough information about the topical use of CBD. Therefore, mandates that manufacturers of cosmetics, especially those containing CBD, should ensure the safety of their products. Moreover, they should refrain from making therapeutic claims related to these products.

Also, the question about “full-spectrum” or “broad spectrum” hemp extracts in comparison to CBD isolate has been reopened. The purpose is to obtain additional information. Ultimately, the FDA reports that is actively working on developing a sampling study of the CBD marketplace. The reason for this action is to determine the misbranding of the products.

These small steps of the FDA seem like a silver lining to a potential concrete action towards CBD regulation. However, the FDA’s approach is still slow in solving the issue of providing protection to hemp farmers. And at the same time, offering safe and legal products to consumers on the market.

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