This blog answers all your questions regarding making hemp oil legal. Know why it is not legal right now and what are the chances that it will be in 2018? Hemp is one of the oldest cultivated crops in the history of the world plants and one often asks the question that is “Is Hemp oil legal”? It is very commonly used for many domestic purposes and has been famous for its multipurpose use for several thousand years now. Many would like to know whether is hemp oil legal in Florida.

Hemp is cultivated as a plant and harvested by farmers widely. It is often put into comparison with cannabis even though they have no similarities. In fact, both are very different from each other. However, these many differences are certainly not enough to convince state governments around the world that hemp is not an abusive substance. This is why the question, is Hemp oil legal keeps on coming up.

Hemp is an environment-friendly plant

In addition to having over thousands of multipurpose uses in dozens of different industries all over. Hemp is also considered to be a very environment-friendly plant. It not only brings many benefits with its several applications but is also very useful. As far as its benefits for the soil and surrounding environment are concerned.

Hemp takes around four months, i.e., nearly 100 to 120 days to fully grow. In this time while the plant matures – hemp absorbs very high amounts of carbon dioxide from the soil that it is growing in and cleanses the soil from all toxins and harmful particles instead. In addition to this, hemp also keeps the pH levels of the soil balanced which helps to prevent soil erosion.

Ease of cultivation

Hemp is a cannabis plant that is not only very useful and beneficial regarding its harvest and following applications but is also a very easy plant for farmers to grow in general. It is one of the oldest plants in the world and has been around for thousands of years now, but it is far easier to grow for farmers than any other traditional crop.

Detailed overview of Hemp

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Hemp is a very skinny looking plant. The leaves are fragile and shrilly and are usually gathered on top of the plant. Most of the plants’ structure is above the ground, but you can also find an accumulation of a few twigs and branches and skimpy leaves below the ground surface as well. The average height recorded of the hemp plant is nearly twenty feet or more. This explains why most of the plant is above the ground level. It takes almost around 120 days, i.e., four months to fully grow into life-sized plants.

As far as the chemical formation for the hemp plant goes; it contains THC just like a marijuana plant. THC stands for the tetra-hydro-cannabinol chemical compound. The presence of a cannabinol compound makes this product a highly controversial one. Citing the fact that it will have the same impact as the latter as well. But what needs to be understood is that the psychological effects brought around by THC in marijuana are completely different from THC in hemp. And the main reason for it is the concentrated amount of THC in the plant. 

If an average comparison is drawn between the two – you will be able to find out that weed contains minimally 25 to 35 percent of THC. Whilst only 0.3 percent of THC can be located in the hemp plant. This is why it is virtually impossible to get high on hemp. And rules out all chances for the herb plant to have the same effects.

Various applications and uses of the hemp plant

Hemp is a cannabis plant – THC presence makes it one – but is it completely non-psychotic in its chemical structure. Hemp is mainly used for industrial purposes and has very restricted amounts of THC in its – always less than one percent. The uses and applications of the hemp plant are immense and very versatile. Hemp can be cultivated with seeds but can also be recycled by its own raw wastes for renewed growth.

The nut of the seed of hemp is used for food manufacturing purposes. You can commonly find hemp in whole-grain bread, cereals, and protein powders.

The application of hemp is also common in the fuel industry. It is used for the manufacture of oil and fuel and is considered to be a common source of it as well.


Hemp Oil Legal
Traditionally hemp has been used for centuries in making household items, clothing etc.

Hemps and marijuana do not grow together

There is no link whatsoever between hemp and marijuana. The fact that based on its similarity with marijuana, hemp has been banned all around is a little absurd given the fact that both things cannot even grow together in the same place.

It is never wise to cultivate hemp and marijuana plants on the same field or terrain because hemp’s pollen can destroy the marijuana plants – it is very powerful and has a high impact.

Hemp is banned by state governments

The uncanny and deceiving similarity between the hemp and marijuana plants has led to its ban for many years now. To begin with, both plants are believed to not only belong to the same species but the same family as well. Which makes them cousin plants to one another. The local state government of the US banned the use of hemp in 1970 under the act of Schedule 1 of drug and substance abuse.

It has been more than four decades now for this ban to have come into action and to the present date, there is an ongoing struggle in congress to lift the ban on hemp use.

Getting high on Hemp?

One of the primary reasons behind banning hemp from public use and consumption is because it is believed to be ‘abusive’ in its use. Marijuana and hemp have always been categorized in the same categories because both are known for having ‘addictive’ properties. However, what if we told you that getting high on hemp is virtually impossible?

The issue of making hemp oil legal in the congress has been challenged on the basis of this fact. It is not possible to get high on hemp and this is because of the controlled amounts of THC found in hemp.

Hemp vs Cannabis Similarities and Differences
Hemp vs Cannabis Similarities and Differences Infographic

Hemp and Marijuana grouped together

So far it is pretty obvious that hemp has not been banned all over because of its own but is mainly prohibited for use owing to its ‘perceived’ similarity to marijuana. However, when you study the two plants very closely you find out that both are strikingly different from one another. This arise a question in our minds; if hemp and marijuana are so different in the first place, how come they have been grouped together in the same category?

And why is this affecting making hemp oil legal? 

This happened in 1970 when Nixon was the reigning president of the United States. President Nixon announced that he is on a war against drugs. Because of the increasing drug and substance abuse among the youth of the country.

He was concerned about how the future of the country could suffer if the younger generation engaged in substance abuse on such a high impact scale. This is when in 1970; President Nixon signed the petition for control of drug abuse in the country. The petition led to the development of the departments of drug enforcement administration (DEA) in the States.

The categorization of hemp oil has always been a problem as to where to put it. In the list of abusive drugs hemp was placed in the same category as marijuana. However, later officials claimed that not enough research was done to make this conclusion.

Being one of the oldest plants of the world with over 20,000+ versatile uses and applications; this was a very unfortunate event –-that happened. Ever since the day of its band, efforts began to be made to lift the imposed ban over it. So far everything has been in vain but positive progress is evident – it is only too gradual.

Why is it is important to make Hemp oil legal?

Is Hemp oil legal and why it isn’t until now is a question that has puzzled intellectuals and professionals. To begin with, hemp is confused with marijuana and the air surrounding this confusion needs to be cleared out. This is the biggest hurdle in making hemp oil legal. When both plants have nothing in common other than belonging to the same species. It is important that they are evidently distinguished from one another.

Secondly, hemp does not and has never served the same purpose as Marijuana. The two are different plants and hence have different implications.

Marijuana is infamously used as a substance abuse i.e. drug. One of the most common drug addictions in people aged 15 to 28 is marijuana addiction. In addition to this, it is also used because of its benefits.

And hence making hemp oil legal is faced with a lot of controversies. 

There is no surprise that making hemp oil legal is easy. Seriously the stakeholders of this issue should jump on the bandwagon together and demand the legality of Hemp as of right now. With sister substances like CBD and Marijuana also getting the spotlight and the demand for legality means that hemp could also benefit from this kind of thing so why the hell not we also should do it. It will essentially be beneficial for all the parties involved that are also in favor of it. This will essentially ensure its legality at the very least in the United States. After this, the rest of the world will follow

Hemp, to begin with, is not recreational at all and all purposes that it is used for are 100% meaningful and productive. Some common implications of hemp involve in the textile, and food industry. Hemp is very multipurpose because it is known to have more than twenty thousand applications and uses.

Hemp Oil Legal In Florida

What does the future look like for hemp?

One of the biggest concerns for the hemp plant is ‘what does the future look like for it’? Will the ban ever lift? These are some questions that linger around commonly. The plant is now banned for more than four decades and whilst continual efforts have been made for all this time to lift the ban over its use. No progress has been made so far. This was until 2014 that the ban remained to be the same.

Secondly, hemp does not and has never served the same purpose as Marijuana. The two are different plants and hence have different implications.

In 2014, there was substantial progress made concerning the efforts to lift the ban on the hemp plant. When the government of the United States passed a law to legalize the cultivation. And the growth of hemp plant in ‘controlled’ environments for research purpose. This law enforcement came after the continual efforts in favor and support of the hemp plant by the agricultural community of the US.

It will permanently lift the ban over hemp for public and commercial use and is another major hurdle in making hemp oil legal. And if progress continues – one can surely hope that the ban will uplift in 2018 for all good reasons.

The United States is the biggest hemp consumer

There are more than twenty industries within the United States of America that involved hemp use in various forms. Hemp’s usage is versatile, and a lot of Americans are already using it or plan to. Hence, the legalization of hemp is not too far away.

But everything is changing…

With so many scientific studies on the horizon essentially saying that CBD and hemp are very good for health and WHO giving its go-ahead means something. This means a change is up in the air for the legal status of hemp production and consumption. Studies done on hemp say that it is very beneficial for the health of a human. This means that it should be taken to treat and provide peace from ailments one may be suffering from.

Apart from this WHO (World Health Organization) is saying that hemp and CBD are two things that have a lot of benefits that can be accrued from it. These benefits are in good number and one should make an opportunity to avail the chances of using either CBD or hemp oil as both come from the same plant and have similar benefits. They accrue these benefits with a minimal outbreak from side effects and even these are not life-threatening. Seriously what is stopping you from buying it now?

Final Words

We have essentially talked about the legal status of hemp in the United States and even at times the whole world too. This essentially is what is going on with its legal status nowadays and in the future. We also conversed about how it is changing every day and in the future hemp might be legal the way CBD is becoming nowadays. Finally, we also talked about why it is important to make hemp legal and how you can do that.


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