Is CBD legal in Indiana? Where to buy CBD in Indiana? CBD Oil Indiana Legal Status?

If you’re a resident of the state of Indiana and you want to know where to buy CBD oil in Indiana, you should read this article first.

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill is out to make trouble for the cannabis community. The state of Indiana faced months of confusion around the legality of cannabidiol oil after its politicians could not decide on its legal status. However, in late 2017, Hill shared his official advisory opinion. While this does not declare anything into law, it is something the policymakers take into account when they pass laws and make their decisions. Will federal laws that allow CBD legal in Indiana be overturned?

2019 Update! President Trump signed the 2018 FARM BILL!

Trump Signs Farm Bill 2018 - Is CBD Oil Legal In Indiana?

President Trump signed into law an $867 billion farm bill that provides billions in aid to U.S. farmers while rejecting deep cuts to the federal food stamp programs sought by some House Republicans.

“We have to take care of our farmers and ranchers, and we will take care of them,” Trump said at the signing ceremony, going on to praise congressional Democrats for what he called their hard work on the bill.

This paved the way for the farmers to legally cultivate and grow hemp for many different purposes including the extraction of CBD with less than 0.3%. This has also removed DEA as the overseeing agency for the CBD. And transferred the authority to the FDA. Now FDA is preventing any CBD manufacturing company to make any claims that CBD oil products help with any medical conditions. But it is not preventing anyone from using it!

This is 100% legalizing CBD oil in Indiana! Where To Buy CBD Oil In Indiana 

What did Hill decide? Which side of history did Hill choose?

Unfortunately, Hill deemed CBD oil illegal in “almost every circumstance.”

His quote is sure to irk the most devoted in the cannabis world. In his written advisory opinion, Hill said,

“Simply put, cannabidiol is a schedule 1 controlled substance because marijuana is a schedule 1 controlled substance. Although it is a relatively new phenomenon, after thoroughly tracking the language of the Indiana law defining ‘marijuana’ it is evident that cannabidiol is now and historically has been derived from ‘a part of the plant genus cannabis.'”

His remarks are bad news for all Indiana residents who want to use cannabis. This applies even to people who are not interested in getting high.

There are parts of the marijuana plant that offer health benefits but without the side effect of psychoactive response.

Most patients want to use hemp oil for this particular effect. They want to access the ability to use CBD to maintain their well-being but are not interested in using the drug recreationally.

Understanding CBD

Is CBD Oil Legal In Indiana?

First of all, it’s important to understand a bit more about cannabis and hemp oil (CBD Oil). If you’re wondering where to buy CBD oil, you should read this first.

Anything in the field comes from the cannabis or marijuana plant. However, most often, CBD oil comes from the hemp plant. The hemp plant is in the marijuana or cannabis family, but it is not the same thing. Many growers do not grow hemp for consumption purposes at all. Often, hemp is used to make clothing, rope, paper, and other industrial goods.

Hemp also serves as an animal feed and can even serve as an excellent extract for topical skin lotions. Hemp does not get you high. The part of marijuana or cannabis that gets you high is the cannabinoid THC. The marijuana plant contains over one hundred cannabinoids, and THC is just one of them. CBD is another one.

THC is what gets you high. It causes the psychoactive response that so many people are familiar with and that often gives marijuana its bad rap. However, in most cases, CBD oil does not contain this.

Usually, CBD oil comes from the hemp plant, which growers breed to contain very low THC levels if any at all. That’s why CBD oil is legal in most places. It will not get you high and does not contain THC.

However, this is not the case in the state of Indiana.

5 Tips for purchasing CBD Infographic - Is CBD Oil Legal In Indiana?
Infographic 5 Tips for purchasing CBD Infographic – click for full image

Is CBD Oil Legal in Indiana? Why the confusion?

In April of 2017, the issue about the legality of cannabis came into the public eye in Indiana.

This occurred after Governor Eric Holcomb signed a bill that created a registry for people with epilepsy who had a desire to use CBD oil to seek relief from their seizures. Since CBD oil is an extract of cannabis, this immediately caused confusion.

In fact, his action caused quite a stir. Plenty of conflicting views arose. The bill did not have its intended effect, which was supposed to be to make it easier for those who needed CBD oil to obtain it. Instead, it brought the issue into the public eye all the more.

It made people aware that items like CBD oil were, in fact, something the state of Indiana considers to be illegal. This is even though CBD does not contain THC and will not get you high.

Eventually, Hill came out and made a statement to help clear things up. He declared that seizure relief is the only condition that is legal for CBD use. All other cases of CBD oil use are illegal in the state of Indiana. This came as no surprise. Previously, Hill had been very outspoken regarding his opinion on CBD and marijuana.

He claimed that he stood firmly against medical marijuana due to the dangers of addiction and also due to the increased risk of impaired driving. (Most users of CBD oil or marijuana, in general, will likely find his fears laughable.)

He said that if people want the current law to change, politicians and policymakers will have to work to pass new legislation at a later date.

Can I Buy CBD Oil in Indiana? What’s the Issue at Hand?

Once Hill laid down the law, the Indiana State Excise Police — a law enforcement branch of the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission — quickly confiscated the product from retailers all over the state.

They removed CBD oil from nearly 60 stores. Their explanation? The law only allowed those on the special epilepsy registry to have CBD.

By now, you may be seeing the problem. The only people allowed to possess CBD oil are the list, registered patients who can legally use CBD oil to help ease their seizures.

This means even store owners cannot possess CBD unless they’re in the registry for their medical condition. How are the epilepsy patients in the registry going to purchase or obtain the oil if it is illegal to sell in their state?

How can someone figure out where to buy CBD oil if it is a banned substance where they live? People became very confused over exactly what was legal and what was not. If you are still not sure if the CBD is legal in Indiana continue reading this blog and we will explain in more detail.

Did the people understand where to buy legal CBD oil in Indiana?

It was not clear to people, especially people living with epilepsy, how CBD oil could and could not play into their daily life. Hill pointed out that the product is illegal for human consumption at a federal level. It makes it difficult to buy CBD oil in Indiana.

The only entities allowed to grow it, according to the 2014 Farm Bill, are institutes of higher education as well as state departments of agriculture. These cases grow the product for industrial use, not for humans to ingest in any way.

Hill also announced he would not support any attempt by lawmakers to legalize CBD oil. He also claimed that his official advisory was not simply stemming from his personal view.

He claimed, “My task at this juncture is not to express my personal view of what I believe the law ought to stipulate. My task, rather, is to help provide clarity regarding what the law already says as written.”

Hill shared that the only appropriate way for CBD oil to become legal, in his view, is for the Food and Drug Administration to approve it.

Five things you need to know about dosing Hemp CBD Oil - Is CBD Oil Legal In Indiana?
Infographic Five things you need to know about dosing Hemp CBD Oil – click to zoom

The Other Side

After Hill came out with this statement, many people were in an uproar.

The main argument people used made perfect sense. Seizing CBD items seemed to contradict a 2014 law surrounding industrial hemp. This law stated that the substance was legal as long as it contained 0.3 percent THC or less.

Once the supporters of CBD pointed this out, the excise police stopped taking away CBD products from stores.

However, they waited to return the products until results from lab testing could confirm that none of the products contained over 0.3 percent THC.

They also stated that the situation required further legal analysis before the products could return to their stores of origin. Unfortunately, the damage was already done. Stores selling CBD lost a great deal of inventory and plenty of money, from mere hundreds of dollars up to tens of thousands of dollars.

This precious inventory wasn’t just their livelihood. It also represented the therapeutic medicine and saving grace for suffering medical patients all over the state.

From that point on, the state essentially left it in the hands of local police departments and prosecutors.

They could decide whether or not to charge a person for possessing or selling CBD oil. When the laws are unclear, this is often what society has to resort to.

Later, however, the confusion continued. In September 2017, headlines revealed that Child Protective Services was threatening to take away a child from its mother.

Her crime? She is using CBD to treat her child’s seizures.

What’s the Latest News about CBD in Indiana?

Before you despair, there is some good news on the horizon.

Since all of these events took place, the state of Indiana and endorsers of CBD use across the state have worked tirelessly to find an adequate solution.

In February 2018, the Indiana House took action to allow citizens to possess or buy cannabidiol oil that is low in THC. Believe it or not, the House passed Senate Bill 52 unanimously!

CBD Oil Does It Really Works? - Is CBD Oil Legal In Indiana?
Infographic – CBD Oil Does It Work – click to zoom!

The bill would legalize CBD oil as long as it only contains very minimal levels of THC, which is the component of marijuana that gives users a sensation of being high.

Did that solve the issue of CBD oil in Indiana?

However, the House did change the bill a bit. The author of the bill, a senator in Indiana, plans to review the changes before he agrees to sign the new version.

The main changes to the bill include the fact that if someone knowingly sells CBD oil that is labeled as low THC but contains a higher amount of THC, they would be committing a level 5 felony if you were looking to buy CBD oil in Indiana.

This is a fair and ethical measure, as it protects consumers from purchasing someone that is not actually as its label describes. What are the next steps?

The most likely path is that the bill will head to a committee from the Indiana House and Senate and lawmakers will formulate a compromise of some sort.

Then, the bill will end up on Governor Eric Holcomb’s desk for final approval or disapproval. The outcome seems promising, as Holcomb previously said that he is comfortable legalizing CBD oil that contains low levels of THC.

However, nothing is sure until it is officially passed. Stay tuned — as long as this bill can conquer a few more obstacles that stand in its way; it will become law by late March 2018.

The Senate is also scheduled to vote on two other bills related to CBD and the cannabis industry. This should make CBD Legal in Indiana! House Bill 1137, for example, would allow residents of Indiana to grow hemp that is low in THC.


Better and updated news:

Rejoice the residents of Hoosier town, now everything has changed again. As of March 21. 2018 CBD in Indiana has been made legal again. It has been done for the same thing as before, which is CBD can be bought for patients suffering from severe forms of epilepsy. These epilepsy forms can be ailments like Lennox-Gestaut Syndrome or Dravet Syndrome.

Republican Governor Eric Holcomb, with the help of the Republican dominant General Assembly, passed the law on Wednesday. He signed into law Senate Enrolled Act 52 that explicitly legalizes CBD oil. This was done in response to the opinion set by Attorney General Curtis Hill. The opinion that essentially said that “Simply put, cannabidiol is a Schedule 1 controlled substance because marijuana is a Schedule 1 controlled substance,”

If this opinion was to be taken seriously, then poppy seed muffins and Coca Cola should also be banned too. Why? You may ask, well, the poppy seed muffins are made from the poppy plant, the same plant that makes heroin. The same way the coca plant is the plant from which Coca Cola and Cocaine are made. CBD is an extract of the Cannabis plant. And the Attorney General’s reasoning is that because it is rendered from the same plant as marijuana, it should also be banned. He is saying that even when he probably knows that CBD is not psychoactive and henceforth not intoxicating. This is the main argument to make CBD legal in Indiana.

Still confused about where to buy CBD in Indiana?

How to take CBD Capsules

Holcomb said after enacting the bill, “I’m grateful for the General Assembly’s hard work to bring me a bill to address the needs expressed by our citizens.” As of now, there is no restriction on the sale of CBD oil except it should not have more than 0.3 percent of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the compound that is associated with producing a high.

“Indiana lawmakers delivered a bill that ensures Hoosiers who benefit from CBD oil can access it,” Holcomb said again. “The bill provides much-needed clarity, with labeling requirements and a 0.3 percent THC limit on CBD products,” Holcomb added.

Whatever the reason behind the confusion stirred up by Mr. Curtis Hill in November of 2017, it seems we can finally put it in the back burner. People who were using this as a health regiment for various ailments (especially the epileptic ones) shall continue to use it as a remedy. It is because there is no need to worry about any law restricting it.

Where to Buy CBD in Indiana?

Wondering where to buy CBD oil in Indiana?

If CBD oil is legal where you live, your best bet is to do your proper research and look into CBD products that might work for you.

It would be best if you also decided what format you want to use for your CBD use. CBD oil is available in all kinds of forms, from capsules to balms to muscle rubs to tinctures and oils.

The form you choose for your CBD should depend on your lifestyle and how you want to use CBD. You can also circumvent the stress and issues in Indiana and buy CBD oil directly from us and have it shipped to your door directly from Colorado.

Best CBD productsBrowse our wide selection of CBD products and choose one that works for you. We even carry pet CBD oils if you’re looking for relief for your furry friends. And you will not have to worry if CBD is legal in Indiana.

7 Benefits of CBD Oil You Need To Know That Are Backed by Science Infographic


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