The safety and effectiveness of CBD are being discussed, ever since this chemical compound became a breakout star in the marijuana and the alternative medicine scene. Researchers and users alike, have been discussing the after-effects that come with the usage of CBD. These effects they say are mostly therapeutic; hence this is why it is being hailed as a miracle medicine by many of its users. As such, we are also jumping on the bandwagon of this discussion, which forms the cusp of the subject matter here. We essentially ask the question that goes along the line of Is CBD Oil safe? (The best formulation of CBD is oil).

A bit about CBD itself

CBD in actuality is a chemical compound, not a drug. The scientific name of this compound is Cannabidiol and is abbreviated as CBD. This is a chemical compound that is derived from different species of the cannabis plant. While it may stem from the cannabis plant, it is a non-psychoactive chemical compound, which means it does not tend to make the user high. The group of chemicals to which it belongs is called cannabinoids. THC, which is the psychoactive culprit behind producing the user’s ‘high.’ THC, which is called Tetrahydrocannabinol is also derived from different species of the cannabis plant.

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THC and CBD can be found in the one same species of the cannabis plant. The fact that you will get high or not depends on the concentration of the chemical found in one of the species. THC and CBD can be in a similar concentration in one species, and either of them can be high or low, in one of the species. In many of them, either of them can be absent, while one is present. The high concentration of CBD is found in species of the cannabis plant called Hemp, and THC is predominantly found in marijuana, a species of cannabis, which is known to make you high.

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This tells us the CBD is not only safe from the high we get from ever-famous grass substance but has effects that are therapeutic in nature. The question now is why people still ask the question along the lines of this: Is CBD Oil safe?

So, what all the fuss is about?

The best kind of CBD formulation is CBD oil; hence this is the word we are going to use, onwards. People and scientists alike are making a high note of the fact CBD oil (and the rest of the CBD infused products) is/are getting internationally famous for its therapeutic effects without ever getting high.

With the popularity of it, people are also having doubts about the effects it can provide. People may have been over exaggerating its therapeutic effects, but they are there.

This is why many users have been hailing it as the most excellent cure. But they tend to over-exaggerate the effects of it. This, in turn, puts CBD oil in a bad light, as people tend to ask questions like is CBD oil safe? Will we suffer from CBD oil side effects? But rest assured that CBD is safe and has minimal side effects that necessarily mean you no harm.

What does the research say and food administration authorities say?

As of right now, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the USA has already cleared the use of CBD to treat two different forms of Epilepsy. These two forms are called Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, respectively. They would have done it if they had not tested CBD for its effects, and treatment of Humans.

While the research is limited, it does not mean there have low numbers of research on this subject matter. It is just that many results of these studies have turned out to be anecdotal. This type of research is not conclusive evidence, as it is not regarded by the experts. The kind of research that many scientists want is the one that is empirical in nature. Few of like these have been there, but they are there.

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Additionally, there have studies that on take into account animal models and a handful of humans. Plus, the one that does take into account the results of human test subjects, does not cross-examine with a control group that did not make the usage of the CBD oil or other product related to it.

This is why many doctors and researchers are not sure of prescribing it to the general public. But as the CBD oil side effects are minimal and the CBD oil effects may be enormous, you can try it on your own. At the most, nothing will happen with a few non-critical side effects, but at least you will be able to say that you tried.

If this does not gets you off your feet, then WHO will.

Who is WHO, well the abbreviation stands for World Health Organisation, and they themselves stand for safeguarding and promoting health, all over the world. They mostly say in their own words that goes like this “CBD is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile. Reported adverse effects may be as a result of drug-drug interactions between CBD and patients’ existing medications.” This piece of the sentence was published in the Critical Report of WHO in 2018 under the guidance of a WHO Secretariat. These are just some immense words coming in from an organization like this stature and respect.

Speaking of anecdotal evidence, we would like to tell you even though it is anecdotal; it should still be considered as evidence. This type of evidence isn’t represented by the studies done on the subject matter but can also be proven by numerous testimonials and ravings of the user. The users of CBD oil do seem to be reaping the advantage of this chemical so it makes sense that you should try it too. At most, it would be fun to use new things, especially if you have never had weed. Full disclosure though, and as mentioned before this CBD is not psychoactive and will not make you high.

This hopefully gives a little bit of closure to people who ask questions like these: Is CBD oil safe? Will we suffer from CBD oil side effects? Maybe they should start asking if there are any CBD oil effects.

Are there any other factors that make people ask questions about it?

Yes, there may be, with the factor of legality being the constant factor as to why people end up asking questions like is CBD oil safe? While CBD is only about providing therapeutic effects to the people, just because of its relation to the cannabis plant the legislation has been hard-pressed about it.

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Allowing CBD will mean that they are paving the way for other cannabis extracts like THC to be more freely available. This is what they do not want, but this also does not mean that they have outright banned it for sale or personal use. Many different states of the USA allow the use and sale of CBD and related products. Many of them do not are realizing CBD’s effects and are thinking about changing the laws about it.

But as some of the states ban the sale and use of it, people get scared that they are doing something wrong, and they unjustly stigmatize this harmless cannabinoid as not safe. Precisely for this reason, they think it is not legal, even though the reasons are purely opposite. They end up asking questions like: Is CBD oil safe?

Are there any side effects?

As with medicines this alternative medicine also has side effects. The CBD oil side effects are incredibly harmless and highly minimal. The side effects of CBD include drowsiness, diarrhea, reduced appetite, fatigue, and dry mouth. These are at the most a nuisance to have but not harmful to have. At times CBD can also react with blood thinners. But again the results of these side effects are kind of minimal. This is another way of saying that CBD oil is safe to use for its therapeutic effects.

One should not worry about the side effects that are this minimal. These side effects can especially be present in the general medicine you take, which can also be expensive if you do have any medical insurance. One nitpicking thing like this will never help the person who is doing it. Just try it, then see it for yourself, and then only come to a judgment that suits your experience of using it. Who knows there might not even be, not a single side effect. For this reason, one should really try it.

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Final words

This is the end of the line here, and we would like to bow out now. We hope now that you understand why people ask so many questions about it. You have read the reasons that can cloud the judgments of the prospective users. This is why one can make an observation of CBD oil use, even though there are a lot of advantages to it. We hope you understood this whole content and got the gist of the subject matter by reading it.


The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act requires this disclaimer. We collected this information from various sources for the convenience of our customers. The Food and Drug Administration did not evaluate the statements regarding these products. FDA research did not confirm the efficacy of these products yet. These products are not to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information we present here is not a substitute for information from health care practitioners. It is also not an alternative to information from health care practitioners. Before using any product, you should consult your doctor and ask about the risk of interactions or complications.

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