It’s important for the entire CBD oil industry and CBD products in general that people are informed about the differences between genuine CBD oil companies such as Try The CBD.(TTC)

In fact, here at TTC we third-party lab test every product batch to ensure the safety and potency is advertised. We have also implemented a QR Code in our product labels to help you find the lab results for the product you have purchased without any hassle.

How to locate or use these QR Codes? Click on the tab below marked “How to use the QR code to check the lab results”

Also, to ensure the highest food safety standards our CBD products have protection seals to avoid any tampering with the product and its ingredients. If you suspect product tampering, let us know immediately via our contact form.

Select the product category below to see the latest third-party lab results for your product. If you can’t find the lab results for the product you are looking for please contact us.

FAQ: ” I am confused, I thought I purchased a 1500mg THC free oil and your lab results show only 100mg/g (100mg per gram)?” The answer is simple, our 1500mg bottle contains 15ml of oil. One gram equals 1 ml. So in this case the math is simple: 15ml x 100mg=1500mg” If you still have questions please contact us. 

How to use the Qr Code?

We understand that these days there are many choices for CBD products. And 90% of the brands out there are white-labeled. And this might not be a bad thing at all. But you have to be careful. We are sure that you have seen some news reports or articles that some of the CBD products that are sold contain NO CBD or lower than the advertised amount. Moreover, we are always making sure that you get what you pay, and that our products are as advertised by third-party lab testing each batch before we offer it for sale online.

Just because you see a product labeled “CBD Gummies” at a gas station, you should not automatically buy it. Check the product label if it contains a QR Code like this:

Qr Code

“Ok I found them, that means I am good to go?”

No. The company you are buying them from is trying to be transparent and you should always check the CBD lab results for the product you are buying BEFORE you buy it.

How do I check the CBD lab result exactly with this QR code?

You should open the iPhone camera and point the camera lens towards the QR code. Once you did that you should get something like this on your screen:

iPhone QR Code Third-Partly Lab Results

At this point, you should just click on the Safari linked page “Open in safari” this will take you to our lab results page.

If you have any other questions about our gummies you should reach out to our customer service at 888-606-2050.