We are sad to inform all of you vape lovers that we are no longer able to sell or ship your favorite CBD vape products. For all of you who have heard about this news, but are having any doubts about the reasons we would like to explain the situation that all of us in this industry are finding ourselves in at the moment. In December 2020 there have been some changes in the federal laws by the Trump administration and a new act has been introduced concerning the selling and shipment of vape products. It is called the PACT Act and it stipulates large restrictions in this area. 

According to this PACT Act, CBD vapes are now regulated similarly to tobacco products which means that retailers are not allowed to distribute these products through USPS, UPS/FedEx, or similar carriers. 

In addition, the main purpose of this Act is to end the sale and also the shipment of any type of e-cigarettes, or vaping products, which include our most wanted CBD vape pens or CBD vape cartridges. For that reason, as of April 27, 2021, we won’t be able to sell or ship our vape products anymore.

Moreover, we would like to point out that this decision doesn’t have anything to do with concerns about the safety of our vaping products. But it is merely following the new federal laws and regulations. 

Having this in mind, should anything change in these regulations we would be thrilled to put our vape products back up for sale as we love them as much as you do. We are grateful for your trust and support in choosing Try The CBD for your preferred seller and we are hoping that you will enjoy the rest of our products available for sale

Stay tuned for the release of our new products coming soon on our website!

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