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Can I give my pet CBD for humans?

We advise you not to use CBD oil for humans on your pet. Concentration in CBD oil for humans is usually higher than in CBD oil designed for pets. Try The CBD oil, pills, and other products are not recommended for pets; therefore, the reason why we specific CBD oil for pets.

How Can PET CBD Oil Help My Pet? [2019 UPDATE]

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PET CBD OIL When it comes to your pets, there’s not a thing you wouldn’t do to keep them happy and healthy. If your dog or cat has some sort of condition that might benefit from the use of CBD, why not consider trying pet CBD oil? CBD for pets is growing in popularity as […]

How to give CBD oil to my pet?

There are several methods of giving CBD oil to your pet, but the best one is to put a few drops on a snack. Some pets, as people, don’t like the taste of CBD oil and will not be happy to take it. But if you drop the oil on their favorite cookie, they will […]

Why is CBD oil good for pets?

There is a long list of reasons why our costumers choose to give their pets CBD oil. Some customers are giving CBD oil to pets in order to help them maintain calm during stressful situations. Others have used Try The CBD oil for pets to help support a better quality of life for their pets. […]

Can I give CBD to my pet?

Here at Try The CBD, we use the same high-quality CBD extract for pet oils and all of our other CBD products. Please consult a veterinarian before starting to use CBD oil for pets.


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Is CBD Okay to Give Pets? Knowing about the purported benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) for humans, it makes sense that many pet owners are asking if CBD is okay to give pets. Pet owners are looking at CBD for pets to manage afflictions including epilepsy, anxiety, and appetite issues. The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association […]

Where To Buy CBD in San Clemente

Where To Buy CBD in San Clemente

To date, a lot of people still think that the benefits of CBD are too good to be true. Why do they think so? This is because cannabis which has been banned for a long time now is now legal. What has made it legal? What are its benefits? Regardless of all these, CBD is […]

Where To Buy CBD in Kansas

Where To Buy CBD in Kansas

CBD is among the health products that are undergoing rapid growth on the market today. It has contributed greatly to the hemp industry, raising about 500 million USD for importation every year. CBD can also be called Cannabidiol, and it can be found in almost all the states and many countries. Although Kansas is not […] Protection Status