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Did you hear? Last week the FDA issued warning letters to several online cannabidiol retailers that they will not tolerate medical claims stating that CBD has the ability to treat certain diseases or ailments. These claims include those made in customer testimonials, which the FDA requested were removed from each retailer’s website. In response to […]

CBD Capsules as a Post Workout Recovery Supplement?

cbd capsules

You’ve likely heard a lot about CBD Capsules as it’s grown in popularity. This non-psychoactive form of Hemp Oil (which is to say that it has many of the same effects of cannabis on the user, but without the “high” typically associated with it when used as a drug) has been getting all sorts of […]

CBD Capsules and Medication Interactions

cbd capsules

CBD and Medication Interactions: A Primer for Safe Use DOES CBD REACT WITH OTHER MEDICATIONS? When we take any medication or substance, our bodies have a system in place to move the substance safely out. First, the liver adds an oxygen molecule to the chemical, which makes it more water soluble. Then the kidneys can […]

Can CBD Help my PMS?

cbd oil for pms

CBD Oil for PMS? Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is growing in popularity as a natural remedy for many health problems. This component of the cannabis sativa plant doesn’t get users high because it contains no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Instead, CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory properties help patients with chronic pain, epileptic seizures, anxiety, and many other health conditions. If you’re a […]

How Can PET CBD Oil Help My Pet?


Most pet owners see dogs and cats as part of their families. It can be heartbreaking to see your furry family member suffering from pain or a serious illness. CBD oil has brought relief to humans with a myriad of medical conditions. It stands to reason that this amazing natural product can help our pets […]

CBD Oil as Sleep Aid?

cbd oil for sleep

If you were thinking about using the CBD oil for sleep, you are correct. CBD Oil is a fantastic sleep aid, and can prove particularly useful for the 70 million Americans suffering from a sleep disorder, as well as the 20% of Americans who average less than 6 hours per night. While we may live in a culture that […]

Can CBD Help With Fears of Flying?

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If you have a fear of flying, it doesn’t matter how many times you run the numbers, and see that being on a plane is significantly safer than driving on the highway. You’re still going to have a racing heartbeat, and sweaty palms when the plane makes its run for the clouds. You could memorize […]

Why MMA Fighters Look to CBD for Recovery


Need more evidence on the effectiveness of CBD for healing and reducing pain and inflammation? Simply look to anecdotal evidence – most notably, from professional athletes like Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters Bas Rutten and Nate Diaz. Why MMA? It’s one of the most physically taxing sports on the planet. Between the intense training and bloody bouts, […]