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What Does DEA’s Ruling on Hemp Extract Mean? Is Hemp Legal?

Is Hemp Legal? Find out more about DEA ruling

“DEA Denies the HIA’s Petition to Review the Hemp Extract Rule” This headline sounds like a bummer, doesn’t it? And what does it mean? Is hemp legal (still)? Is hemp oil legal? You may have been hearing the buzz lately around the DEA, a new decision, and the old Hemp extract rule. At first glance, […]


FDA Approves synthetic CBD

Have you heard the recent news? The FDA has approved CBD! …kind of. Unfortunately, the FDA only approved the use of synthetic CBD made by pharmaceutical companies. They still have not given their seal of approval to natural, organic CBD grown by caring farmers and the like. The FDA still does not allow CBD companies […]

10 Recent Breakthroughs in the World of Cannabis

Medical Weed - Medicinal Marijuana - CBD Marijuana - World of Cannabis - Cannabis leaf on grey background

Want to stay on top of the news in the cannabis industry? In this article, we’ll give you ten of the top headlines in recent months about medical weed. We’ve collected some of the most important and news worthy items for you right here in this article. Instead of scrolling around the Internet for questions […]


Justicia CBD Oil Legal

Answered: Is CBD Oil Legal? Worried that buying CDB could come with legal repercussions? Put your mind at ease with this in-depth answer to the question, ‘Is CBD oil legal?’ The sky is falling…at least, according to the CBD industry. Thanks to the DEA, the industry, and their customers, have had to deal with a […]