CBD (Cannabidiol) is available in many different forms. This way you can partake in the intake of CBD through many various types. All of these will have different levels of CBD potency. Therefore different effects of CBD will be felt by the user.

Take, for example, CBD edibles and CBD oil. They will have different effects versus let us say CBD vapes. Why is that? It is because of the way the body absorbs either of these forms of CBD. CBD edibles and CBD oil are absorbed by the body differently than CBD vapes. It is the difference in the way they enter the body. CBD edibles or oil go straight to the liver to be absorbed. While on the other hand, CBD that is vaped goes straight to the lungs and enters the bloodstream faster.

CBD Bioavailability

Now comes the crucial part of this process of absorption. CBD inside the liver is broken down to be absorbed. But it is also not able to work with water that is going to be there in the liver. While water makes it difficult to CBD in that watertight environment, its potency is also reduced. By the liver enzymes throughout the absorption process. This is why when CBD enters through the liver into the bloodstream it reduces its strength. And henceforth the effects we feel throughout the body through the blood are less potent than desired.

For the desired effect, one will have to digest a lot more milligrams of CBD. To feel the desired results that one expects from it finally. In contrast, the CBD from vape directly goes into the lungs. And therefore has a direct route through the lungs to the bloodstream. The vape as a gas form is not broken down. But directly travels and is directed by the bloodstream pathways of the lungs. There it takes its tags along with hemoglobin taking the place of oxygen.

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CBD and the bloodstream

And this how it travels the highways of your body throughout the many bloodstreams. That leads to different organs and in the vape gets absorbed in them. This is more of ingestion than digestion. This latter way provides way more potency of CBD to the body, and alas also the effects that come with it. So this the one who vapes will get better quality through lesser intake than the one who digests it. While the vape will be potent enough that you will not need to intake CBD in higher volumes. It is not because of the vaping per se, but the ingredients in the vape oil it uses.

More specifically we are talking about the cutting and thinning agents that most of the vape juice/oil use. Many of these like MCT oil and PG or VG oil can have adverse side effects. And we’ll tell you why is this the case in another section after the very next chapter:

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To know which is one better we should see a thing or two about the famous CBD:

CBD is a chemical compound and has a scientific name: It is called Cannabidiol. It can be found in many species of the cannabis plant, for example, the hemp plant. It has rising popularity due to the therapeutic effects it can provide. Unlike other many other more famous species of the cannabis plant for example marijuana. Hemp plant which contains CBD in abundance does not make you high. It is another compound called Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that is found in many species of the cannabis plant is what makes us high not THC.

Not all plant species of cannabis have the same concentration of these compounds. This is why the hemp plant (which does not make you high) is low on THC and high on CBD. As CBD is a chemical compound and therefore has to be extracted. From a species of the cannabis plant that has it in abundance. For that many different thinning agents can be used to turn CBD into a more liquid form. Through heating the mixture. These can be Tec Temper, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, and MCT oil.

Understanding the thinning agents that are found in the vape oil/juice:

Cannabis extracts like CBD are mostly thick, and therefore it will be challenging to vape them as it is. For this reason, they have to be turned into liquid form. This why thinning or cutting agents like MCT, VG, or PG oil is used. While smoking is way more dangerous than vaping, but vaping is a relatively new concept. Even with these agents vaping is not going to be that harmful to the user when relatively compared to smoking. But still, it is a good idea to avoid the thinning agents that are used in these vaping products.

You will ask these questions: Is pg safe for vaping? Is VG safe for vaping? Is MCT oil safe for vaping? And through these ensuing words, we are going to find out. Besides MCT oil, (PG) propylene glycol or (VG) vegetable glycerin is also used. These are also very harmful in the long run. Glycol is especially harmful and one should stay away from it.

What is MCT, PG, and VG?

So what exact harm MCT, PG, and VG pertain to? Well let us expound on that: Take MCT oil for example. It will be considered a good source of an alternative to any cooking oil. Because of its benefits like weight loss. MCT oil stems from coconut oil. Once the abbreviation is reversed, it is called medium-chain triglycerides. Triglycerides are another name for fat in your bloodstream. When we say medium-chain triglycerides, we mean that because there are two types of triglycerides.

One is called medium-chain, and the others are called long string. The difference in them can essentially determine the level of cholesterol and extra fat in your body. Molecularly speaking, medium ones are made from 6 to 12 carbon atoms. And the long ones are made from 12 to 22 carbon atoms. These are called blood lipids. Their first names are what essentially addresses the size of their particles.

Is MCT Oil good for your body?

Most of the American or many westernized foods all over the world do not have medium-chain triglycerides in abundance. And MCTs are healthier compounds than their longer and unhealthier compounds. MCTs are also odorless and colorless. The benefit MCT provides is that the food abundant is not digested in the same way as the longer triglycerides. Biologically, they do not need the bile salts of chylomicron formation to gain entry into the thoracic duct lymphatic system for digestion that the longer ones do need.

The MCTs take the route of portal vein directly to the liver for metabolism. This way the MCTs are burned almost instantly and do not have to be stored for later use in the future. This is the opposite of the long-chain triglycerides. Because the longer triglycerides take longer to digest, sometimes the extra amount has to be stored somewhere in the body as fat.


Do you know what happens when you store a lot of fat? High cholesterol (indirectly increased by longer ones too), Type 2 Diabetes, the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and etcetera. Now you will ask why the hell we are asking? Is MCT oil safe for vaping if the long-chain triglycerides are the culprits? While MCT by itself is healthy but its usage with CBD or in excess can cause a cluster of problems. No differing from the ones that are created by the long ones.

When we say that their usage of CBD, we are mostly referring to MCT oil usage as a thinning agent. For turning the CBD concentrated extract into liquid form.

When we say that taking MCT in excess can also be a problem. Because anything that is taken in excess is inherently bad. The same adverse effects can long-chain triglycerides can occur if even MCT is even taken in excess. As even the MCT might add up a lot when taken in large numbers.

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PG and VG?

What about Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG): Now we answer these questions: is pg safe for vaping? Or is VG safe for vaping? In short, there is a resounding NO for these two. Even though both of these have been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) of the USA. Over time both of these can be very harmful to the consumers somehow taking it. It becomes possible when these are found in many of the refined foods.

These are used as an additive. And in the case of CBD vape juice, it is used as a thinning agent. One of these is the one called Propylene Glycol. It is used in toothpaste, food coloring, vanilla extracts, and many other things for example like asthma inhalers. On its own, it is highly allergenic and therefore should not be used in different materials. Likewise, Vegetable Glycerin is an artificial sweetener that is used in cough syrups. And things like gum, to keep it from going all hard. Something with this ingredient on its own can be highly addictive.

So when PG and VG are heated, they can release volatile carbonyls can be formed, including formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, and acrolein. These are highly toxic, and the toxicity levels found in them are highly dangerous.

So when someone asks ‘is pg safe for vaping’ the answer should be no. And also when someone asks is VG safe for vaping, the answer should be the same.

So if we are not supposed to use either of these, what cutting agent can we use?

The name is tec temper. And it mostly a lifesaver that helps you refrain from either of the aforementioned thinning agents. Now you are probably wondering what tec temper is? Is tec temper safe for vaping? And many other thoughts that are giving you a houseful of procrastination whirlwind.

Tec Temper is a new kind of thinning or liquidating agent that doesn’t have any side effects like others do. It is essentially antioxidant and anti-irritant. When it is heated, it does not release hazardous or toxic compounds due to the decomposition. It is because it does not decompose when heated to a certain level. Also, it is all-natural and is made with organic ingredients and therefore has many antioxidant and anti-irritant properties.

Tec Temper also has no odor and color when it is in any CBD product. It does not interfere with the creation of CBD or CBD oil but in fact, compliments it. By giving the new CBD product anti-oxidant and anti-irritant properties. Still, want more? Well, get this: it is pre-tested for anything off before the distribution inside ISO certified facility. Again, want more: it has been already recognized by the FDA. As generally safe and is substantially 100% free from fillers (additives of other kinds).

This hopefully answers the question of what is tec temper? Or is tec temper safe for vaping? We are sure the former question has unquestionably been answered. But if you did not get the latter one still, well the answer to it is a big resounding YES!

So, why is essentially tec temper better than PG, VG, and MCT oil:

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PG, VG, and MCT oil, all have the same job as this new compound called Tec Temper. But they come with adverse effects, and tec temper does not. Its made with a unique blend of terpenes, antioxidants, and anti-irritants. This automatically makes it a lot better than the rest of the bunch.

Additionally, PG and VG have their side effects even when they are not heated and transformed. Propylene Glycol has been long considered a hazardous substance by many scientists. A report published in the summer of 2015 says the same thing, which essentially what we just said.

Even though PG and VG are generally considered but overtime they essentially become detrimental to bad health. This is why food with these additives should mostly be avoided. Vapes are supposed to be a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. But with these additives and mixing agents can potentially become highly dangerous. And toxic to the health of the user who vapes.

So what is TEC TEMPER?

Much like MCT, Tec Temper is also very good at making your vape pens essentially more discrete. And hidden more than ever. It is because it is virtually odorless and even colorless. Additionally, Tec Temper never has its filler when others can have their own. Which is another point in the direction of the pros of Tec Temper.

With so many benefits to it, one can not only answer what tec temper is? Or is tec temper safe for vaping than one can add that is also better than most other agents?

After this long writing on never-ending information about tec temper and other thinning agents have to complete this blog. Our purpose is done here as now your horizon of knowledge about CBD and its thinning agents has exceptionally widened. This was our primary goal and our main purpose of this long blog. Here at Try The CBD, we are continually improving our vaping products for a better and more effective vaping experience.

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