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CBD topicals are some of the most sought-after CBD products on the market. These products are easy to use, produce immediate effects, and require no consumption whatsoever.

Try the CBD offers a great selection of high-quality CBD topicals for sale, including CBD gels, CBD lotions, and CBD roll-ons. No matter what your aching joints need, Try the CBD has a great selection of CBD topical creams for you to choose from.

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What is a CBD Topical?

A CBD topical is a unique CBD product that’s designed specifically for topical application. This means that you do not consume the product whatsoever; instead, you apply it directly onto the skin to experience the effects.

These products have been infused with varying amounts of CBD and are made to provide more localized relief to the skin, muscles, or joints. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that’s known for its therapeutic properties, which makes these CBD topicals more soothing than your average lotion, cream, or balm.

CBD topical products can be made with various types of CBD extract blends, each one slightly different in terms of effects. At Try the CBD, we offer topicals in both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum blends depending on what you prefer. If you tend to avoid products with THC, our broad-spectrum CBD Relief Stick is the roll-on topical for you. But, if you enjoy the powerful effects of a full-spectrum blend, we’ve crafted our CBD Gel specifically with you in mind.

No matter what extract blend is ideal for your skin, Try the CBD always has options available. Our company understands that CBD topicals are one-size-fits-all, and this comes down to both applications and blends. Thus, we’ve got something for everyone.

Along with different extract blends, CBD topicals will also contain other ingredients to create cooling or warming effects, as well as appealing scents. However, you can also buy unscented topical CBD if you prefer, just like our 500 mg CBD Barrier Balm. The choices are truly endless when it comes to topical CBD creams and Try the CBD.

How Do CBD Topicals Work?

CBD topicals work differently than practically any other CBD product on the market.

You apply CBD topicals directly to the skin — you do not consume them. As you apply them to the skin, the CBD works its way into your skin cells, interacting with the cannabinoid receptors in this part of the body.

However, the CBD from CBD topicals does not actually enter the bloodstream like other products do. When you apply it to the skin, the cannabinoids cannot cross the blood-brain barrier; thus, they can’t enter the bloodstream and do not provide all-over effects.

Instead, these cannabinoids stay localized to where you apply them. This makes CBD topicals ideal for people who have certain skin conditions on specific parts of the body, as well as those who have sore or painful muscles and joints.

This is reassuring for anyone who is unsure of putting cannabinoids into their bodies, as this simply doesn’t happen with CBD creams! Rather, the compounds work explicitly where you apply them, and nowhere else.

Why Use CBD Topicals?

People turn to CBD topicals for various reasons, as these products have multiple purposes. Plus, they aren’t one-size-fits-all, so some people may experience different benefits depending on their individual needs. However, many people use CBD topicals for one of two reasons: to ease discomfort or provide support to the skin.

Studies have shown that CBD promotes anti-inflammatory properties — and this is true on the skin, as well. Thus, many people find that when applied to sore muscles or aching joints, a CBD topical may help reduce overall inflammation and subsequent soreness, making the discomfort a bit more manageable. Of course, it isn’t going to rid you of your pain entirely, but it may make the soreness less intense overall. Plus, topicals are known for their fast-acting results, making them great for those who need immediate relief.

Many CBD topicals contain other supportive ingredients along the CBD cannabinoid to help create even more soothing effects. For example, it’s common to find menthol for additional cooling, or lavender oils for added relaxation. This can help with aches and pains, as well as make the general experience more therapeutic overall.

If you aren’t turning to a CBD topical for pain relief, chances are, you’re using it to seek support from a skin condition, whether it be dryness, redness, inflammation, or something more chronic like eczema or psoriasis.

Many people find that the soothing results of CBD, as well as the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, work wonders for promoting plasticity, hydration, and general comfort. Again, these products are not going to treat any of these conditions; however, they make managing them a bit easier.

There are going to be CBD topicals that are designed specifically for pain relief, while others are made for other skin conditions. Some are even crafted explicitly for facial use, but they will be labeled as such. Make sure to pay attention to the intended use of your topical to find the best one for you.

Do CBD Topicals Get You High?

CBD topicals do not get you high in any way — nor do they have the ability to! CBD itself is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that does not bind to the cannabinoid receptors in the brain. Because it doesn’t work with these receptors, it doesn’t have the properties to get you high or make you feel intoxicated. Instead, the cannabinoid is purely supportive.

Even if CBD had psychoactive properties, a topical like a lotion, cream, or gel wouldn’t get high. This is because, as we mentioned above, the cannabinoids do not cross the blood-brain barrier when applied topically to the skin. Instead, they stay within the skin exclusively.

This means that if your CBD product contained high amounts of THC — the cannabinoid that does get you high — you still wouldn’t experience psychoactive results because the cannabinoid doesn’t reach the bloodstream.

Because of all this, topicals — whether they be THC or CBD — are great for anyone concerned about drug testing or having cannabinoids in the system. You don’t have to worry about getting high or having THC in the blood, even if you’re just applying a full-spectrum topical.

Is Topical CBD Legal?

Yes, topical CBD is legal in the United States, making it readily available across the country. However, these products do have to follow specific guidelines in order for them to be federally legal.

The 2018 Farm Bill was a piece of legislation that legalized hemp cultivation, distribution, and sales in the US. With this decision also came the legalization of hemp-derived products that contained 0.3% THC or less.

Thanks to this decision, products like CBD topicals are federally legal in the United States as long as they are hemp-derived and do not contain more than 0.3% THC. Thus, these types of products are quite readily available, not only online, but also at your local drug stores, health and wellness shops, or even grocery chains like Walmart or CVS.

Every one of Try the CBD’s products follow the 2018 Farm Bill guidelines. This way, you can purchase with total confidence knowing that your product is legal, safe, curated with supportive benefits in mind.

However, it is important to note that a handful of states have CBD laws that slightly differ from the 2018 Farm Bill regulations. In Idaho, for example, CBD products cannot contain any amounts of THC. This means that a full-spectrum CBD topical wouldn’t be legal, but a broad-spectrum one would. So, make sure to double-check the specific regulations in your area to ensure your ideal CBD product is legal where you live.

How to Use a CBD Topical

CBD topicals are great products for people of all different types, simply because they are so easy to use. After all, there is no consumption, tools, or special skills required.

With your topical CBD products, you will simply apply it to the desired area of your body. If you have a pain relief topical, then you will apply it to the parts of your body where you’re seeking relief from the discomfort. This could be places like your wrists, neck, elbow, knee, or wherever is giving you pain.

When using a CBD topical, make sure to gently massage the product into the skin, ensuring it is fully absorbed. This will help create the best results possible.

If you have a topical that’s designed for hydration and soothing, then make sure to apply it to the parts of your body most affected by these conditions. Of course, if you have a facial oil, make sure to follow the directions of the oil to ensure you’re applying it correctly.

CBD topical products come in various consistencies and applications depending on what suits you most. You can buy CBD roll-ons that are great for quick, no-mess applications and deep-seated relief. Or, you can find CBD creams and balms that you can apply in even the most inconvenient parts of the body, like around the back of the knee or even your temples.

It’s worth noting that you can re-apply CBD topicals practically as many times as you’d wish. The effects of these products kick in quickly, but they do often fade quickly, as well. So, don’t be afraid to re-apply the topical whenever you feel it is necessary. If you find that your skin is reacting poorly to the over-application, try using it a bit less.

No matter what you’re using CBD topicals for, there is a product out there for you.

CBD Topical Suggested Dosage

You know how to use a topical CBD product, but how much of it should you use in the first place?

It’s important to note that dosing with these products is going to be a little bit more difficult than your typical product, simply because you’re just applying it to your skin.

That being said, the suggested size of application — when using products like CBD creams, gels, or lotions — is going to be about a dime-sized amount. A little goes a long way with these products, so starting with this small of an amount is ideal. However, if you find that this amount of topical doesn’t get the job done, you can always try applying a little bit more to see if that’s more effective.

Of course, you also have to pay attention to the actual strength of your CBD topical. More gentle topicals are going to contain about 50-100 mg of CBD, while stronger options will have at least 500 mg. Strength plays a huge role in how powerful the effects are, so make sure to pick out a product that works best for the severity of your conditions.

Different Types of Topical CBD Products

There are many different types of CBD topicals for sale. Here at Try the CBD, we offer a great selection, including CBD cream, CBD gel, and a CBD-roll on.

Our CBD Barrier Balm contains 500 mg of active CBD, making it great for those seeking more powerful results. The consistency of the balm is light and airy, easily absorbing directly into the skin. We craft it using entirely vegan ingredients, so there are no animal products involved. It’s also free of both parabens and phthalates, while including supportive, natural ingredients like palm fruit oil, shea butter, organic beeswax, jojoba seed oil, and more.

Another type of CBD topical you can get your hands on from Try the CBD is our CBD Muscle Gel. This topical contains 500 mg of full-spectrum CBD, as well as menthol to help produce soothing, cooling effects upon application. This roll-on is easy to use and doesn’t create any mess or residue. This product is great for on-the-go use because of its easy application and portable size. (Just make sure you keep it out of the heat to prevent it from melting!)

Finally, you can also purchase Try the CBD’s broad-spectrum CBD Roll-On for Pain. This roll-on doesn’t contain any THC, making it good for those who may want to avoid that specific cannabinoid. It’s designed specifically to help target sore, aching muscles or joints. The roll-on application is quick, easy, and leaves no mess behind. Plus, the natural ingredients in this 500 mg balm create fresh, appealing scents that you won’t mind smelling each time you apply it.

If you’re interested, there are plenty of other CBD topicals available online as well. You may come across CBD lotions that are designed specifically for dry, cracked, or irritated skin, as well as CBD massage oils for more sensual situations. Regardless, there is a huge selection of CBD topicals for you to choose from on the market today — you just have to figure out what works best for you.

Can You Buy CBD Topicals Online?

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, you can absolutely buy CBD topicals online. You can find a wide selection of products including CBD lotions, CBD gels, and CBD cream for sale depending on what you’re looking for.

However, when you buy CBD topicals online, you want to make sure you’re purchasing these products from reputable vendors who are transparent about their product information. A good CBD company will take the time to provide ample information about product ingredients, as well as extraction information and other purity notes.

You shouldn’t purchase CBD topicals from any company that doesn’t offer copies of their products’ third-party lab test results. These results, also known as certificates of analysis, prove that the company sent samples of their products off to a third-party lab to test for impurities, as well as cannabinoid percentages. The COAs will illustrate the levels of cannabinoids in the product and whether or not any impurities were detected.

If you go to buy a product from a company and cannot find copies of these COAs, or the COAs are outdated or not comprehensive, this is a good sign to turn elsewhere — like to Try the CBD.

Try the CBD offers copies of all our products’ COAs in the product description; we also include a scannable QR code on the product label that you can use to view the lab results with your phone. This way, you never have to wonder what’s in your product or whether or not it’s been lab-tested — it has!

Try the CBD also guarantees that all of our products comply with the 2018 Farm Bill guidelines. This means that all of our CBD is hemp-derived and doesn’t contain more than 0.3% THC by weight. This way, we can ship all across the country — to all 50 states and US territories — helping you get the CBD topical products you need.

Where to Find the Best CBD Topicals For Sale

If you’re looking for the best CBD topical products on the market, it’s time to turn to Try the CBD.

Try the CBD offers a great selection of high-quality CBD topicals for sale of various types, providing an option for every preference and every desire. Our topical CBD products contain high-quality CBD — with both broad and full-spectrum options — to produce powerful, lasting effects that your skin and muscles will love. However, just because they’re made with top-shelf ingredients doesn’t mean they come with top-shelf price tags. Instead, these topical CBD creams are incredibly affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank just to experience some natural relief.

The next time you’re seeking organic ingredients and deep-seated relief or hydration, Try the CBD and our collection of CBD topicals for sale has you covered.

Frequently asked questions

How to use CBD topicals?

Try The CBD topicals are made to be applied to the skin and are not for oral consumption. We advise you to apply a small amount of cream directly on a specific part of the body to determine what amount is best for your needs. Individual experiences may vary.

What are CBD topicals best to use for?

There is a wide range of reasons why our costumers use CBD topicals. Many of our costumers use our products during recovery from physical exercise and activity-induced soreness. We encourage you to check out the customer reviews to see for yourself what the cream can do for you. If you have any questions about our CBD cream – or any other product – please get in touch.

What is the difference between CBD cream and CBD topical?

The only difference is the name. A “topical” is anything you can apply on your skin – a
cream, a gel, butter, balm, etc. The complete Try The CBD topical range is designed to
be applied to the skin, and is NOT for oral consumption!

Can CBD cream help relieve arthritis symptoms?

Our products are not made to prevent or cure any disease or condition. However, many of our costumers use CBD creams and CBD topicals for relieving the pain caused by arthritis. It acts as an anti-inflammatory for the relief of chronic pain. They soothe swelling of the joints, which can improve mobility.

Can CBD cream help with pain relief?

Our products are not made to prevent or cure any disease or condition. However, many of our costumers use CBD creams and CBD topicals during recovery from physical exercise and activity-induced soreness.

What can I expect from CBD topicals and CBD creams?

Many of our costumers are using CBD topicals to provide more targeted exposure to specific areas of the body. All of our products are made from high-quality hemp grown in Colorado and are created to provide a long-term soothing effect.

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