Delta 9 Side Effects: Is Delta 9 THC Safe?

Delta 9 THC is one of the most popular, sought-after cannabinoids on the market. However, not everyone understands the ins and outs of D9 the way they should, especially regarding side effects and safety.
Today, we’re answering questions: Is Delta 9 safe? What are delta 9 side effects? And, how do you find quality Delta 9 products online? Let’s explore.

Delta 9 Side Effects: Is Delta 9 THC Safe?

What is Delta 9 THC?

Before we talk about the safety and side effects of Delta 9 THC, let’s first cover what the cannabinoid is in the first place.
When most people talk about THC, they’re referring to delta 9. Delta 9 is the most plentiful psychoactive cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, and its effects create the high that most people associate with cannabis.
Once you’ve consumed delta 9 THC, the cannabinoid travels throughout the body and interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), primarily the CB1 receptors within the central nervous system. This interaction is what leads to psychoactive effects like bliss, as well as other effects like increased hunger or relaxation.
Every person has different reactions to delta 9 THC, as well, which we will discuss a little bit later. However, the main effect of THC variants are the psychoactive characteristics. So, if you’re not looking to get high, then this cannabinoid isn’t for you. But, if you’re seeking something powerful and euphoric, D9 is your compound.
Because of its popularity, you can find delta 9 THC in various forms. This includes delta 9 flower, topicals, tinctures, edibles, and more.

What are Delta 9 Gummies?

Delta 9 gummies are a specific type of delta-9 product that you can purchase online. Just as they sound, delta 9 gummies are gummy products that have been infused with delta 9 extract. These gummies look, taste, and smell (for the most part) just like your typical gummy candy; however, after about an hour or two, you’ll start to notice the effects of your edible.
Delta 9 gummies come in all sorts of flavors, strengths, and even shapes depending on what most appeals to you. The effects of delta 9 THC gummies are going to vary from person to person, but most people enjoy the long-lasting, full-bodied results that edibles bring.
In general, delta 9 gummies effects can last anywhere from 4-8 hours, with many people finding the peak high to happen around 6 hours. This is much, much longer than your typical THC product, making it quite exciting for cannabis users.
D9 gummies effects are strong, but you do have to be patient when waiting for them to kick in. The effects of your delta 9 THC gummies can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours (sometimes more) to start working. So, if you’re finding that you’re still feeling sober after an hour, keep waiting!

Is Delta 9 Safe?

When people learn about the psychoactive effects of D9, they often wonder, “Is delta 9 safe?”
It’s important to realize that, in order to be safe when consuming delta 9 gummies, you do have to be a bit vigilant. When being safe with D9 gummies or other products, both research and proper dosing are key.
When you learn how to properly dose your delta-9 product, you run a lower risk of overconsumption and experiencing negative side effects. The best way to consume delta 9 THC — especially if you’re new to the world of weed — is to start low and go slow with dosing.
Starting low and going slow means that it’s ideal to begin with a lower dose of delta 9 THC (like around 5-10 mg) to see how it affects you. Then, if you find that the dose you tried isn’t strong enough, the next time you try D9, you can increase your dosage slowly until you figure out what works best for you.
To avoid marijuana abuse or marijuana dependence, you should only increase your dose by about 2.5-5 mg at a time. This helps to ensure that your body doesn’t get overwhelmed by an increase of THC.
Along with proper dosing, doing a bit of research regarding your delta 9 THC product is key. When you research a brand and their products, you can learn what others have had to say about product quality, efficacy, and customer service.
A good, reputable cannabis brand is going to have ample information about the company’s mission, extraction processes, hemp sourcing, and quality-control measures. You should be able to find updated, comprehensive COAs for any product that you’re looking at, and these COAs should illustrate the purity and potency of the delta 9 you’re considering.
These pieces of information are integral when understanding delta 9 safety — especially the safety of the product you’re interested in.
If you buy reputable, high-quality delta 9 products and are careful about dosing, you shouldn’t have any issue with safety. But, every person is different, and sometimes, the side effects of delta 9 gummies (or other products) are simply unavoidable. That just means that D9 isn’t the cannabinoid for you.

Are Delta 9 Gummies Safe?

But, what about Delta 9 gummies — are these products safe for consumption?
Delta 9 gummies pose the same adverse effects as practically any other delta 9 THC products. However, they tend to have an increased risk simply because of the way they process in the body.
Some people will find that their delta 9 THC gummies aren’t working as quickly as they anticipated, causing them to have a second dose before their first one even kicks in. This double-dosing can easily cause unwanted side effects, as well as too powerful of highs.
But, if you ensure that you’re patient when waiting for effects and you start with a low to mild dose, you shouldn’t have any issues with your delta 9 THC gummies.
If you have any food allergies, make sure to check the ingredients in your gummies to ensure that they are safe for you to consume. In the event that the brand doesn’t list their ingredients, it’s best to move on.

Is Delta-9 Safe to Smoke?

We’ve talked about the safety of D9 gummies, but what about smoking delta 9 THC? Can you do that?
Delta 9 THC is definitely smokable if you find high-quality delta 9 flower. D9 flower is the most popular type of flower on the market, and many people with medical cards or those who live in recreational states opt for smoking D9 flower over other products.
However, you shouldn’t ever consume smoked cannabis, including delta 9 THC, if you have had any lung complications in the past, or if you are pre-disposed to any lung-related illnesses or lung cancer. Smoking can make these complications worse, so it’s best to stick to products like delta 9 THC gummies or oils.
Smoking anything isn’t going to be great for the lungs, but there are steps you can take to make your smoked cannabis a bit cleaner and better for you. Of course, keeping your intake under control is key, as is taking frequent tolerance breaks. You can also smoke out of bongs with filters and clean water to further purify your smoke.

Delta 9 Side Effects

Now that you’re familiar with safety, let’s talk about what delta 9 side effects look like.
Quickly, we do want to clarify that the side effects of delta 9 THC are not the same as the cannabinoid’s overall effects. We will talk about its effects in a moment, but right now, we’re focusing on some of the potential side effects that can happen if you consume too much delta 9 THC — or if your body simply just doesn’t enjoy it.

Delta 9 Side Effects

If you consume delta 9 THC, these are some of the main side effects that you may experience:

  • Dry mouth and red eyes: Many people find that delta 9 THC causes them to have dry mouth — often known as “cotton mouth” — as well as red, dry eyes. This occurs because of the dilation of the blood vessels.
  • Increased heart rate: It’s common for THC to cause an increased heart rate, and this can be uncomfortable for some individuals, especially those with anxiety, heart conditions, or high blood pressure.
  • Anxiety and paranoia: Unfortunately, many people find that the potency of delta 9 THC causes them to feel anxious or paranoid, particularly when paired with the spike in heart rate.
  • Impaired memory and cognition: People frequently find that THC impacts their short-term memory, as well as some cognitive functions. This can make it difficult to recall events or concentrate on tasks.
  • Euphoria and altered perceptions: The most common effect of delta 9 THC is euphoria, but this can also lead to altered perceptions of time or space. This can also affect moods, making some people feel uncomfortable.

Thankfully, if you do experience any adverse effects from your delta 9 THC products, these side effects are easily mitigated. Most of them can be stopped with simple acts like taking a shower, eating a meal, or even just taking a nap. Also, make sure you drink plenty of water.
If you’re feeling anxious, you can also do something funky and take a whiff of black peppercorn. Black peppercorn is known for being able to combat uncomfortable highs and help you feel more like yourself.
As we’ve mentioned, one of the best ways to avoid the side effects of delta 9 THC is to be careful with your consumption. You don’t want to consume too much, as this is when your body tends to experience those adverse effects. Instead, start low with your dose and be gentle.

What Are the Effects of Delta 9 Gummies?

Now that we’ve talked about the adverse side effects, what are the effects of Delta-9 gummies as a whole?
Again, the specific effects that you experience from your delta 9 THC gummies will differ from person to person. However, many people will first report feelings of bliss and relaxation. Gummies with THC tend to be good for helping with moods and making people feel a heightened sense of relief or contentment.
Delta 9 gummies may also help with sociability. If you tend to be more of a shy person, D9 gummies may make you feel more comfortable engaging in conversations, lowering levels of anxiety and discomfort.
Others may find that their Delta 9 gummies help them increase their creativity or heighten their imagination. Certain strains are great for boosting levels of creativity, helping you think of ideas that you may not have come up with previously — before your gummy, that is.
Finally, one of the most common Delta 9 gummies’ effects is relaxation. Many cannabis users will find that after a gummy, their bodies feel heavier yet more comfortable, and the brain can decompress easier — even after a long, tough day. If you struggle with calming down after your work day, a Delta-9 THC gummy may be a good choice.  This is also beneficial for those with chronic pain.

How Many Delta 9 Gummies Should I Take?

As we’ve mentioned, it’s important to determine your ideal dose of Delta-9 THC. If you’ve never tried a Delta 9 gummy before, it’s best to start with just half a gummy at first.
If you find that just half of a dose isn’t strong enough for you, that’s okay! Next time, take the full gummy and see if that works better.
Most experienced consumers will work their way up two gummies per dose before increasing the overall strength of the gummies.

Can Delta 9 Make You Fail a Drug Test?

As a psychoactive cannabinoid, unfortunately, yes, delta 9 THC can make you fail a drug test.
When taking a general drug test, these tests are trying to pick up the presence of a metabolite called THC-COOH. This is the metabolite that delta 9 THC turns into when working throughout the body.
Thus, if you’ve consumed delta 9 THC, then the THC-COOH metabolite is going to linger in the body post-consumption. (How long it stays will depend on several factors including the strength of the product, frequency of consumption, and your body chemistry.)
Drug tests, especially urine tests, can pick up the presence of THC-COOH even in small amounts. So, it’s best to avoid any delta 9 THC products if you know you have a drug test coming up in the future. Then, as soon as you’ve passed your test, you can resume consuming your favorite products.
In the meantime, you can always try consuming products that are THC-free, including broad-spectrum CBD or CBD isolate. Try the CBD has plenty of options for you to choose from.

Is Hemp-Derived Delta 9 Legal?

The legality surrounding delta 9 THC is a bit muddied.
A few years ago, the US government passed the 2018 Farm Bill. The Farm Bill legalized hemp production, allowing for hemp and hemp-derived products that have 0.3% THC by weight or less. This means that delta 9 THC products are legal at the federal level as long as they come from hemp and don’t exceed the THC cap.
In any amounts greater than 0.3% THC, delta 9 THC is federally illegal. However, it is legal on a state-by-state basis. Various states across the US have legalized cannabis plants in some form, either recreationally or medically.
States with medical marijuana allow those with medical marijuana cards to access delta 9 THC products legally, while states with recreational use cannabis allow anyone who is at least 21 years of age to purchase marijuana-derived delta 9 THC.
So, when shopping for delta 9 THC products online, you have to make sure they abide by the 2018 Farm Bill; otherwise, they aren’t legal products. At Try the CBD, we make it clear that all of our delta 9 products are made with hemp and do not exceed the 0.3% THC weight limit.
Before making a purchase, you should double-check the cannabis laws in your area to ensure that hemp-derived THC is permitted where you live.

Finding Safe, High-Quality Delta 9 Gummies Online

If you want to buy safe, high-quality Delta 9 gummies online, it’s best to turn to Try the CBD. We offer a great selection of top-shelf delta 9 gummies that are both potent and affordable — not to mention tasty.
Our gummies are crafted with a delicious mango flavor, and every gummy contains 15 mg of delta 9 THC, making them great for both new cannabis users and experienced ones. We recommend starting with just one-half of these gummies and then increasing your dosage from there to figure out what works best for you.
All of Try the CBD’s products are third-party lab tested, and you can access the COAs whenever you’d like — both before and after purchasing. This way, you can consume cannabis products with ease.
When you buy products from Try the CBD, you know you’re buying products that you can rely on. All of our delta 9 THC gummies are crafted with precision and use the highest-quality ingredients possible. This way, not only do you get powerful, potent results, but you get top-shelf products, too.

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