If you are hoping to dose CBD oil, there are a few things you should know first before you begin. CBD oil dosage and CBD tincture dosage may seem confusing to figure out, but with a little background knowledge, you will be able to figure out the proper CBD dosage for pain that works for you. If you want to learn more about how to use CBD oil and how much CBD to take, read on.

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Many studies tout the benefits of CBD hemp oil against a range of ailments. Finding out a cure or maybe a treatment that can reduce symptoms has always been difficult to execute. Also, as corporate pharmaceutical companies entered the scene of treating this ailment they suggested drugs that can potentially treat the ailment. However, there was a downside to this, even though the drugs can treat the diseases to some extent. The symptoms most of the time would get worse. And people continued to suffer from the disease without having a treatment that was actually positive for the body.

But just how much should you take to treat these ailments? And does it work?

Unfortunately, the FDA has only approved CBD hemp oil as a food product. That means the FDA prohibits manufacturers and retailers from offering CBD hemp oil as a prescription for any ailment. Also, CBD sellers cannot in any way advertise CBD as a way to prevent or mitigate disease.

Moreover, manufacturers and retailers of CBD hemp oil risk violating federal law in providing any helpful advice. If they imply that CBD can prevent, cure, or treat something, they are at risk of facing serious consequences. This is a game that has been played at a very high level that is an outreach of a common man. As mentioned before, big corporate companies are involved as their business is dependent upon the selling of their products. Things can get very tough when a product such as CBD enters the market. We as licensed sellers are not allowed to claim that using CBD can cure a certain disease. But scientific research does back up evidence that CBD can help in ailments such as inflammation, depression, and cancer.


In 2015, the FDA cracked down on several companies’ websites. This is because they used language suggesting CBD hemp oil could treat or prevent disease.

The following year, on December 2016, the government took further steps. Their goal was seeming to try to eliminate CBD hemp oil from the market. This occurred when the DEA categorized it as a Schedule I drug.

The federal government’s hostility toward all things cannabis may seem hypocritical, given certain federal laws. For instance, Congress passed a farm bill that allows states and research institutions to implement agricultural pilot programs for industrial hemp. Under this bill, Congress also blocked the DEA, USDA, and law enforcement agencies from interfering with the pilot programs’ operations.

This is an indication that CBD is slowly being identified as a product that is safe and beneficial to us. For years, the thought of even using marijuana-related products was deemed unsafe. Which was right to a certain extent because they induce euphoric sensations. However, as you know now that CBD lacks the component, THC which was responsible for the high in the first place. Now, the government has also realized the importance of CBD and hence does not allow interference of DEA on the pilot program’s operations.

Moreover, the courts have blocked the DOJ’s attempts to prosecute against state-sanctioned marijuana programs. Despite being a Schedule, I drug, Congress has barred the DOJ from spending money on interfering with states’ authorization of medical marijuana for possession, sale, use, or cultivation.

What This Means for CBD Sellers

Politics and legalities aside, that still leaves online retailers unable to advertise CBD hemp oil as anything but a food supplement. Customers looking for a definitive answer about dosage will thus have a difficult time finding one on the Internet.

Why? Because no CBD company wants to put their business at risk by making claims that could be viewed as punishable by the federal government.

It makes sense, after all. CBD companies want to help people who are suffering. Their aim is to alleviate unnecessary pain as much as possible. If they get shut down or slapped with fines, they will be unable to continue providing the CBD products that so many thousands of people find helpful.

While it’s unclear whether this will ever change in the world of cannabis, we’re at least able to provide you with the following pointers. This will assist your efforts in deciding how much CBD hemp oil is safe for you to ingest.

2019 UPDATE! In December 2018 President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill which made Hemp and Hemp-derived products legal in all 50 states!

CBD Tincture Dosage – What You Should Know

1. CBD Hemp Oil is Non-Toxic

CBD Oil Dosage

First and foremost, hemp is an agricultural commodity. It has a wide range of practical and industrial uses, and even the federal government recognizes its utility as a food and beverage product. Studies suggest that ingesting any amount of hemp oil will not lead to toxicity. In other words, ingesting hemp oil will not affect your psychomotor or psychological functions. This is because the CBD oil dosage on the market today does not include the chemical THC.

THC is the psychoactive component of the marijuana plant. It is a naturally occurring element in cannabis, but it is what causes the sensation of being high. While even this will not cause toxicity in the body, taking in too much THC can be uncomfortable and disorienting.

One study confirmed CBD hemp oil’s non-toxic status. In the study, subjects ingested up to 1,500 mg of CBD per day. Most normal users will not intake anywhere near that amount. Even in these cases, the test subjects did not experience toxic effects that some fear would come with taking in that much cannabis.

2. Consult Your Doctor

Depending on whether you reside in one of the 29 states or D.C., which permit marijuana for medical use, you may want to consult a medical professional on how to use CBD oil. A qualified professional will be able to make suggestions for achieving the right CBD dosage for you. It also depends on the fact that whether you’re taking in CBD due to an ailment or just for a healthy life.

If you are taking it as a form of prescribed medication, then the consultation of a doctor is of utmost importance. Factors such as your age & the extent of the disease are some of the obvious reasons why CBD dosage needs to be defined by an expert. On the other hand, if you don’t have any ailment and you’re just looking to hop on the train of CBD just for the fun of it. Then we suggest that you should still consider asking an expert. Remember, an excess of anything is always bad and it is your duty to not abuse using CBD

Medical Marijuana Use

When it comes to medical marijuana uses, only a certified medical professional can legally prescribe a dosage of products that contain both THC and CBD. Unless you live somewhere that marijuana is recreationally legal, you’ll have to make an appointment with a doctor and receive a prescription.

This is why CBD comes in handy, though. It is perfectly legal in almost every state across the United States of America because it does not contain THC, the psychoactive element. THC is what makes marijuana illegal in some places, but buying CBD oil products is perfectly within the bounds of the law.

Consulting with someone who has experience in the field will help you figure out the right CBD dosage for your particular circumstances.

If you’re worried about that Schedule I categorization of even medical marijuana, you shouldn’t worry. Instead, understand that HIPAA protects the conversation you have with your doctor. This “makes it nearly impossible for even law enforcement to obtain private patient records.”

How To Use CBD Oil - Football Player Medical Exam: CBD for CTE Brain

3. CBD Dosage: Trial and Error

Like with any food, you can simply try a very small amount and see how it works for you. In the case of a CBD dosage, testing out one milligram of CBD hemp oil at a time may be a good starting rate. You can gradually incorporate this into your diet and then gradually build from there as you feel ready for it.

Doing it this way will help you to see if you like it or even if you are possibly allergic to it. If over time, you suspect it’s giving you some adverse side effects, you should not pass this off as unimportant. One way to confirm whether or not you’re allergic is through doing an elimination diet.

Essentially, this means eliminating one thing at a time from your diet and seeing what changes. If your adverse symptoms improve after you cut out gluten, for example, you can take the hint and make an educated guess that gluten is probably what’s causing you issues.

On the other hand, if you cut nothing else out of your diet but your CBD oil dosage and your side effects disappear, you can assume that the CBD dosage for the pain you’ve chosen is not working for you. Consult with a doctor if you’d like to continue trying out this alternative therapy, or do your research and find something else that may work better for you.


4. Anecdotal Evidence From Your Neighbor or Friend May or May Not Be Useful

Our bodies are basically built the same. Typically, we all come with one heart, one stomach, two eyes, etc.

The way in which our genes express themselves affect our metabolism and other aspects of our body and daily health. For example, our genes can control our propensity towards certain diseases and numerous other traits. A factor that in with the various circumstances of our external environment, along with the factors of age and diet. When you think about it this way, you might start to understand why experts have yet to reach a consensus when it comes to how many milligrams of CBD hemp oil is “safe” or “effective.”

On that same token, the amount that you think your neighbor or friend is taking is not necessarily what’s going to work for you. It may be way too much or way too little for you depending on a number of factors. Your neighbor’s genes, health level, body weight, metabolism, and all kinds of other things play into what CBD dosage works for them. While it may seem frustrating that there’s no definitive answer on the appropriate dosage, there are ways you can determine what’s right for you. Use the four simple pointers above to determine the appropriate amount of CBD hemp oil you should ingest.

Consult your physician first

Just like with any food, you should first ingest very small amounts to determine if you’re allergic or overly sensitive to this product. Then, you can gradually increase the dosage as you feel comfortable. While experts generally agree that CBD hemp oil is non-toxic, always seek the advice of your doctor (not friends or relatives) if you have concerns.


5. The World Health Organization’s Verdict is In…

Wordl Health Organization Logo - WHO declares CBD is not addictive or toxic.

It turns out that CBD is not addictive or toxic! What do you think of this verdict?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has been examining cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound of cannabis marijuana. The results they found are not likely to shock many people. This includes those who have previously had a deep understanding of the many potential benefits of CBD.

According to WHO, CBD is not addictive or toxic. Because of this, it can be used therapeutically.

This comes after many years of an unfortunate stigma surrounding marijuana use. Many associate plants with lazy users who take it only to get high. However, there is much more to cannabis than the psychoactive components of THC.

Important Findings from the WHO’s CBD Report

The WHO Cannabidiol (CBD) Pre-Review Report from November 2017 says:

“To date, there is no evidence of recreational use of CBD or any public health-related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.”

In the report, WHO says that CBD offers medical benefits without the potential risk of addiction. The report notes:

“In an animal drug discrimination model, CBD failed to substitute for THC. In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential.”

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What medical conditions are the trials conducted for?

This includes Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, psychosis, Parkinson’s disease, and other conditions. The correlations are not yet proven, but the current findings are positive. The potential benefits are astounding. More and more people are becoming interested in the potential benefits that CBD could provide all kinds of conditions. Are you ready to figure out the CBD oil dosage that’s right for you? If you’re still wondering how to use CBD oil, that’s okay. We’re happy to help. Simply browse our site to get a feel for our wide selection of CBD products. We carry everything you might need. Whether you’re looking for a good CBD dosage for pain or just a CBD dosage that works for your needs, we carry something that will work for you.

Our products come in a variety of forms and strengths. For example, you can get very weak and mild CBD products or you can work up to a stronger amount. In addition, you can take CBD capsules, hemp oil, CBD butter, and more. We even carry CBD massage oil to rub into painful shoulders and joints, or lip balm to get a slight dosage delivered throughout your day.

Five things you need to know about dosing Hemp CBD Oil


Disclaimer: The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act require this disclaimer. We collected this information from various sources for the convenience of our customers. The statements made regarding these products were not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products is not confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information presented here is not meant as a substitute for information from health care practitioners. It is also not meant as an alternative to information from health care practitioners. Before using any product, you should consult your doctor and ask about the risk of interactions or complications.

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