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National Napping Day. How to Relax with CBD?

‘Naps beyond measure are man’s greatest treasure.’ – This saying might sound funny, but you’ll have to agree that there’s nothing that can replace the short 10 to 20 minutes sleep during the day. When a person lacks sleep, they feel exhausted, fatigued and without energy. With this state of body and mind, everyone finds […]

FDA Releases the Long-Waited CBD Report to Congress

FDA CBD Report

Congress finally receives the overdue report by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in respect of the potential regulation of hemp-derived CBD products sale. This FDA report comes in Congress a week later than its deadline and it is not really a reason to celebrate. Basically, FDA remains on the initial statement that more studies […]

Vaping Illness Breakthrough? CDC Update 2019

Vaping Illness

It might be too soon to say that the main cause of vaping illnesses has been determined, but the CDC has some updates. There is a significant breakthrough in this area according to the latest reports by the Centers for Disease Control – CDC. There have been over 2000 people that have been diagnosed with […] Protection Status